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Cage Match Colorado, Conservative Republicans vs Big Gov Progressive Liberal Establishment Republicans

by Ezra Van Auken

This Thursday, January 23rd, the Republican convention will start in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is where elections will take place for the next National Committee Chairman. However, this year during the Chairman elections, Republicans could see a shift in the overall platform of the party, if current Chairman Reince Priebus loses to Mark Willis. Priebus has been the RNC Chairman for only one term, looking to roll into his second. Willis on the other hand has been Maine’s Republican National Committeeman.

The difference between the two is glaring. Priebus believes in a top down styled Republican Party and Willis thinks a bottom up party would be more beneficial, as that would bring more transparency to the entire party. Interestingly, Willis has come up as part of the ‘Ron Paul Republican’ movement within the GOP and played a key role during the National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Since Ron Paul’s last campaign, the Libertarian-driven supporters have infiltrated the GOP from all sides, which has seemed to only anger top Republican members. In states like Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Nevada and others, the Ron Paul Revolution, as its been branded, has gotten likeminded individuals elected to various spots. Not only have ‘Ron Paul Republicans’ taken spots inside the GOP, but also have endured cheating, physical assault and fraud.

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Purging all liberty activist members of GOP

Purging is happening in Eagle County Colorado GOP.

Do Republicans want Liberty, Conservatism, or more establishment

Dems root and toot no matter how bad their candidates are, as long as they can claim a 'win'.

This is Republicans chance to do the right thing. How Conservative are they, and how much do they really desire Liberty, Freedom?

This is an appeal for those who visit here.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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