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New Radio Show "The Radio Revolution" all About Liberty debuts Tonight At 9 ET!

Jay and the Duke are no strangers to liberty OR radio. Jay and the Duke have been hosting "We STILL Believe: Real, Raw Christian Talk" for about 2 1/2 years now. As huge fans of Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Nepolitano, Alex Jones, Ben Swann (who came on our show last year), and Jesse Ventura, we are stepping up our game in fighting for freedom and liberty in this country. Last year, Jay even ran as a delegate and almost made it to Tampa except the MASS GOP would not count all the votes (remember that?).

To fight back, we are starting a radio show called THE RADIO REVOLUTION which starts TONIGHT and EVERY Sunday night at 9pm EST on Internet Radio America! Please tune in and spread the word!


-Jay of INTERNET RADIO AMERICA "The voices of we the people."

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