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Why (and how) to get involved in the Oklahoma Republican Party

Most Americans are not involved in politics. According to the U.S. Census (which is only current through 2010), about 35% of the population votes in non-presidential election years, and about 50-55% vote in presidential election years. So only half the public bothers to vote for President. Every other election a little more than a third picks the entire House and 1/3 of the Senate. Most people think that voting is enough. It is NOT. I would call it a minimum standard for being a citizen. This is really only half of the way someone can influence how our nation is governed.

The other half of the equation – political parties – is a murky world that we are told is difficult to understand, expensive to participate in, and boring with no reward. There is a reason we are told this lie. Those who control the political parties have a vested interest in maintaining control of them. With a larger number of people involved, it becomes more difficult to control who runs for office, who receives campaign support including both financial support and volunteer help, and what agenda is served. Let me be clear:

Political parties are a tool to win elections.

Like any tool, they are not good or evil by their existence. They are only as good or bad as the people who populate the elected positions within them. Some will say they should be abolished or done away with – but that is not going to happen, since they are almost as old as our country and are just a tool for organizing behind candidates and causes. Many advocate for the creation of new parties – but I am not in that camp. The Republican Party has a strong core of people who believe in Constitutional Liberty, and I would rather grow that portion of it. Let me repeat – political parties are a tool. The question to ask is not how to eliminate them, but how to wield the tool, and in who’s hand with the tool rest?

Consider the following: most people pay the most attention to the wrong office. That would be the President of the United States. There is no question this is an important office, but it is the least consequential to most people’s daily lives. The city council, the county sheriff, the school board – these positions have much greater impact on the lives of average people. Going “up” the ladder, a state representative or senator has a greater impact within their state. As we can clearly see, Congress can’t even pass a budget – and most of what they do pass is harmful to most people and only benefits a few. So ask yourself, where can you have the most impact, and how?

In Oklahoma City – the largest city in Oklahoma – about 5000 people will vote in each ward for a council person. There are 8 wards. So, to do some math, 5 seats x 5000 people is 25,000 people. Cut that in half, and add a few for a majority and you have 13,000 people able to control this city, the budget, its policies and personnel, and everything else. Properly done, a political party can organize voters in each ward to elect a council person who reflects their values and platform. They can help with fundraising, or spend money independently. The entire city can be moved – in either political direction – due to the actions of a few motivated people willing to volunteer their time and effort to effect change. They just need to pick up the tool.

The long term impact of such actions is significant. If local offices become filled with a certain type of person – such as those with Constitutional Liberty as their guide – the pool of people running for state offices such as state house or state senate becomes filled with people of like mind. Those who would use government for their own ends instead of to protect the life, liberty and property of their fellow citizens will find themselves increasingly scarce. After a very short time this trickles up to the federal level as well. When people see results at lower levels, and failure at higher ones, they will start firing those who can’t produce or support the status quo.

Finally, how to get involved is relatively easy. This is an off year – there are no elections for public office. There are, however, many elections for party office in the Republican Party. In Oklahoma County, there are three meetings: Precinct, County, and State. Here is when they are and what they do:

Precinct: February 7th, a Thursday night. To be held at numerous locations around Oklahoma County. HERE( is the official list, and you can go HERE ( to find your House District (the locations are by State House District). At these meetings Precinct Chair and Vice Chair positions will be elected. ALL PRECINCT POSITIONS WILL BE ELECTED THIS NIGHT. The Precinct Chair is part of the County Committee, which rarely meets but is one of three committees of the County Republican Party.

County: March 23rd, a Saturday (plan on all day). This is tentative and no location has been set yet. Positions to be elected include: Chair, Vice Chair, State Committee persons (2), Congressional District 4 Committee persons (2), and Congressional District 5 Committee persons (2). All of these positions take effect at the end of the convention, that day. These people are the ones who will guide the party – that is, wield the tool – for the next 2 years.

State: April 20th, a Saturday (plan on all day). This will be held at the Magnuson Hotel and Convention Center, 737 South Meridian, Oklahoma City. The election for State Chair and Vice Chair will be held this day – and the Chair is one of the three members of the Republican National Committee from Oklahoma (the other two were elected last May, and hold office until the close of the next national convention in 2016).

To sum up, beyond voting, spending one evening and two Saturdays this year has a huge impact on the direction and candidates of the political party that controls Oklahoma. In many counties it is not even that much time involved. Take the time. Show up and participate. Have some fun. It is a political "party", right? Make your voice heard and your presence felt. It will be noticed – and after all, can you really think of anything more important than trying to fix our country?

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There are around

400,000 Republican PC slots nationwide - About half of those are vacant. If 200,000 liberty lovers would join us who are already involved in the GOP, we would be running the entire party in very short order. We already have a few states in our corner!

Si se puede!

You want me to join the Republican Party?

OK, prove to me that it's not patently corrupt, and I'll consider it. Prove to me that the RP wasn't a mercantilist oligarchy party from its inception in 1854. Prove to me that the Republican Party's "conservative roots" ever existed, even once, even for a minute. Tell me what kind of corporation the RNC is. Tell me who owns it. Show me its charter and its articles of incorporation. Tell me what else its owners own. (Prove to me, especially, that its owners don't also own the DNC.)

Prove to me that Republican members of Congress are going to behave in accordance with the ADVERTISED values of the party. Then prove to me why SOME of those advertised values are so corrupt. Things like "keeping the world safe for democracy" would be a good place to start. Show me that the Republican Party is penitent about its flagrant and repeated violations of the Constitution. Show me the RNC campaign to repeal the Patriot Act and TARP I and Tarp II and on and on. Show me the RNC campaign to rout out all the corrupt members of the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches.

Show me some Republican voters running these corrupt conservative talkers out of town on a rail on account of their spinning and twisting and lying and cherry picking and straw man arguments and their deliberate ignoring of certain important topics.

Show me these things. Prove them to me. And then we can talk about joining your beloved Party. Until then, however, I view you as an enemy of the founding principles and of the Constitution.

There is no viable intention in the Republican Party of restoring the Constitution. Anyone who says there is is either stupid or lying.

And the same thing goes for the Democratic Party.


Nutball post is nutball

I appreciate that you needed to vent or whatever but perhaps do it in your personal journal instead of detracting from an otherwise positive thread. Make all the excuses you want to not be involved and lend a hand in restoring constitutionalism to the GOP and or govt in general but don't pooh-pooh the efforts of others over and above the fact that Ron himself stated this as a goal when C4L was founded at the Rally for the Republic.

Things will change the more influence we attain in the GOP and we're already seeing successes in certain states and other local areas where our people have built coalitions with other conservatives and have become the dominant force running the party. PLus the increase in the number of liberty folk in the House and Senate in just a few years shows that we're going in the right direction. I'll thank you to do nothing and leave us to our advances in restoring the GOP to liberty. You don't know how to network with others based on the issues like Ron has done his entire career and I can't imagine anyone listening to your tripe at a meeting or convention for more than a few seconds w/o LOLing and moving on. Enjoy your mancave.

Steve Dickson's picture

Thank you for responding.

I can't prove it is not corrupt. I have witnessed - and fought - the corruption. I can't prove most of the things you rail against, and I don't even think there is a reason to argue them. Let's go to basics here:

There are two parties. One is totally populated and controlled by various forms of unabashed statists. There is a war in the other one between the remnants of those who fight for limited government, and those who would use government for their own ends.

I choose to fight within the party that is still in contention. It seems to me - especially in my state - that this path will result in the greatest Liberty in the shortest time.

I choose to be involved in this fight, and hope you will join me. I understand if you do not, and wish you well as you fight in your own way.

PS - yes, I know there are more than 2 parties in most states. Not in Oklahoma. Also, I believe we are on the verge of doing what other states - Iowa, Minnesota, Maine, Alaska, Nevada - have already done. I also believe if we push on, by 2016 we are going to have a majority of the states at the National Convention, and they will no longer be able to stop Liberty from it's resurgence.

Steve, I think you've been duped.

You've been duped into investing your political energies into a party that has no intention of reforming anything significant. The reason the Republican Party exists is to provide balance for the status quo and to keep the typical lightweight "conservative" reformer with something to do.

Why not invest your energies in reforming the Communist Party of the Nazi Party?

Now, as to you first line: "I can't prove it's not corrupt".

Of course you can't. For every good Republican deed you can trot out, I can prove ten illegal ones. So I'm going to vote for you to get the award for understatement of the day.


Steve Dickson's picture

lol thanks for the award!

Every state is different - and I wrote this for my state, and my county specifically. I would say my eyes are wide open. The PARTY does not do anything - the people within it do. If we fill the slots of leadership, WE become the party. The largest group of people who are still trying to do the right thing within the existing political structure are Republicans. Therefore, I will work with what I have.

There are some other options. Third party - yet Oklahoma has serious ballot access issues, so that would be a major undertaking. I am a Republican, and have written about why in the past. I will take back my party. Even if I wished to go third party, that is a larger hurdle than the task I have before me.

I could quit, and go live in the hills or move out of the country. Many are doing this. I considered it, very seriously. I choose to stay and fight. I will fight peacefully, within the bounds of law - since violent uprising would only play into the hands of statists everywhere.

Good luck, in however you have chosen to fight for freedom, unless you choose not to fight at all.

Hear Hear!

This bears repeating:

Political parties are a tool to win elections.

Like any tool, they are not good or evil by their existence. They are only as good or bad as the people who populate the elected positions within them. Some will say they should be abolished or done away with – but that is not going to happen, since they are almost as old as our country and are just a tool for organizing behind candidates and causes. Many advocate for the creation of new parties – but I am not in that camp. The Republican Party has a strong core of people who believe in Constitutional Liberty, and I would rather grow that portion of it. Let me repeat – political parties are a tool. The question to ask is not how to eliminate them, but how to wield the tool, and in who’s hand with the tool rest?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Great Post!

Thanks for this info Steve! I found my precinct meeting and Julie and I will be sure to be at our precinct meeting!

Fantastic post!

I love your spirit. All the best with it, hope many join you!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Maybe you're right....

But as I see it, the two major parties exist to extract money from the people through more welfare and warfare. They don't really want people that think differently in the party. So you can spend alot of time and at the end, be told you are not wanted.

Pretty much like an atheist joining the Catholic church to reform it.

The parties and their media allies work to scare the public into believing big government is necessary for their survival.

Which is why I chose to spend more time with education than politics.

Here's my website I'm starting to build:

It seems that most of your post is concerned with OK County...

Personally, I am a registered Republican in Sequoyah County. Are you aware of any of the business relating to my district/county? There is not much to be found on the county GOP website -

However, I have found - after a search motivated by this post - that there will be a meeting tomorrow here in my town. So, maybe I can find out more then.

Thanks for the post.

Steve Dickson's picture

Hi there!

Yes, I used Oklahoma County as an example since I live there. PLEASE contact me at and I can connect you with friends in the area. If you go to, and click on "Directory" at the top, it opens up a spreadsheet. Scroll down and you will find the current leadership of the county - but all of that is about to change.

It is the opinion of many - including myself - that the leadership of many of these counties needs to change. Get in touch with me and we can discuss, or better yet I can get you in touch with liberty-minded people in your area. It is very possible either February 18th or March 18th will be your county convention - call the state GOP headquarters if you don't have luck with the directory numbers, the state gop number is on the website.

I sent you an email...