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Obama Responds To Alex Jones

Alex isn't really my style (I like him, but not the drama), but this is packed with information:


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"Political Porn"

That "Political Porn" skit is equivalent to misogynists calling women sluts and whores, don't you think?

this is just too funny but i

this is just too funny but i love it... its keeping this whole thing entertaining... come on we need something since the Ron Paul campaign has ended. Lets go Rand and AJ

Sorry to disillusion anyone

but as long as Jesse Benton and Tygrive Olsen are involved he won't stand a chance. Rand has already shot himself in the foot by opening up his mouth about Judd running for McConnell's seat. McConnell will gladly toss him under the bus and Olsen and Benton will more than happily assist.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

How is this relevant?

Are you going to be a Debbie-downer or what's the purpose because I don't think many people here get disillusioned so easily.

Go AJ !

Someones gotta do it. Everyone needs to use their own skills and he's using his.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

So maybe I missed it. Where

So maybe I missed it. Where in the video did Obama respond to Jones?

i guess the reply of the

i guess the reply of the petition, i guess he helped start it or something

He could be more effective

if he left his ego at home. I like seeking out primary sources he mentions, but I think his "style" manages to alienate a lot of the tv crowd. The media-state would have a field day telling people what to think about him after a commission-run debate, not that I would mind seeing him tear into a few of 'em.

Chalk it up as a point for Freedom

Who cares what BO has to say to the lemmings?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

" 'I'm ashamed to be an American'

You're not an American, you're globalist scum!"

Jones isn't the only pundit crying out against gun control

obviously. Yes, Obama probably knows who he is, and maybe he even saw the Piers Morgan interview, but his vaguely alluding to it doesn't excite me.

Even if Obama invited Jones to the White House, I wouldn't care too much.

Policy is what interests me, not Jones' ascension into mainstream fame.

More Will Awaken Over This Issue

In 1776 many were on the fence. When pushing comes to shoving bold stance helps withstand pushovers.

On the fence? 95% were

On the fence? 95% were loyalists for the duration. They didn't 'wake up' except for in a new country, one day.

The Sum And Substance Of Revolution

"We were about one third Tories, and [one] third timid, and one third true blue."

-- John Adams


The Heart of the Matter


The process effecting hearts and minds is the equation to bottom line.

I'll check that out later.

I'll check that out later. looks cool

I think those who claim that

I think those who claim that AJ works for the cia etc are themselves the ones who work for the cia or some government agancy.

I think the ones who claim

I think the ones who claim that the ones who claim that alex works for the cia are the ones who work for the cia

Get after it Alex!

Get after it Alex! Never been a regular listener of AJ but damn he is on a roll lately! This is a great video!

"you are the 21st century version of Paul Revere ride and ride hard from every mountain and every valley from the low places and the high the tyrants are here and the time to take our republic back has now come!" Alex Jones

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

He actually seems to be one of the...

...only sane ones with only the facts! We all know who the REAL crazy people are! God Bless him for sticking himself out there! No one else would have made this so clear. Someone needed to get mad about it. Even if you don't agree with everything else he talks about, you would be insane not to agree with him on this issue. Even the neocons(except fake rival...Glenn Beck) are agreeing with him! That says a lot.

I wasn't really big for AJ, but that was then...now

Go get 'em, Alex!!!

Here is a better

gun debate with Jessie Ventura last September.


Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

Very respectable

Definitely worth a bump.

You go Alex

I can't see Biden without thinking of this. I've got caramel hands, LOL.

I like AJ. He's got heart.

I like AJ. He's got heart.

Thank you God for Alex Jones - he's my hero, I absolutely

love him. Pray for him and his family. Alex is God sent, with all the heart and courage of a great American patriot. I'd hate to be in this country w/o Alex Jones. It's great to see a real man - a smart, brave, educated, informed, God loving, red blooded American!

Ole Alex - Telling Like It Is

And yes they sure are Scum

He got to big to fast and now taking him out just might light the fuse

"You Cannot Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come"



I think C4L just found their 2016 presidential candidate.......

Can you imagine Alex Jones in a presidential debate? The GOP and Democrats would pull out every dirty trick and probably cause an accident to prevent that from happening.

Honestly never paid him any attention in the past but he has my full undivided attention now. My version of common sense tells me he's right.

While I doubt he would get the support right now, at some point, if the government continues to move forward in the path they are, someone like him will have to be more than a voice. We actually have to get someone like him or Ron Paul elected with as many congressmen as possible, otherwise, we're going to end-up on the front line to defend our liberties and fight for survival when the economy collapses.

If we can get a few states serious about seceding from the Union, we may have a chance on that level.

Alex's immediate reactions are too rooted in emotion...

too be effective in such an office. He's certainly not unflappable.

I'll take emotional truth over a mild-mannered liar....

every time. The office needs truth. Years of lies hasn't been effective in maintaining our liberties.

An eloquent speaker doesn't qualify as a champion of the constitution. Just look at who's president now.