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Why I can't watch sports anymore (Brady/Belechik/Lewis)

A while back I was enthralled by an interview Alex Jones did with former sports writer Brian Tuohy, who claims that all pro sports are rigged. Considering the amount of money involved and the importance to the Establishment to keep the bread (hot dogs, beer, and other poisons) and circuses (CNN/NFL/NBA/FOX/MLB/MSNBC/ETC.) front and center and ADDICTIVE (via MSG, aspartame, artificial 'flavors' for example), I don't see that as being a stretch at all. And this is coming from a former sports nut who used to run rotisserie leagues via FAX, all tabulated by highly sophisticated spreadsheets full of complex formulas I created from scratch.

That said, what am I supposed to make of this?

When combined with this?

I smell a rat.

p.s. Here's another excellent interview with Mr. Tuohy:


What I failed to elaborate on last night (it was late after all) was that I found it odd that the "Patriots" were being universally portrayed as "anti-American", while a (alleged) thug was doing his best to be "emotional" in front of the cameras. It just struck me as weird.

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During the game

Towards the end of the game you can hear someone yelling out that this game is fixed. I was a 30 year season ticket holder to the Patriots and i gave them up 2 years ago. It would not surprise me if the games were fixed and i did watch those interviews some time ago. This would not be the first game that I thought was fixed. I could care less who wins or looses any more. I only watch the Patriots to get my buddies over to talk about all the crazy things that are happening in the world. Football has no meaning to me any more

Who cares? I'm supposed to

Who cares? I'm supposed to dislike Tom Brady just because he doesn't place his hand over his heart like a good little boy during the national anthem? Hell, I'd think the Daily Paul community might be proud of it. Perhaps he was making a statement that he doesn't condone what America is today? Maybe it's his silent protest of the ongoing wars? Or, maybe he just doesn't put his hand over his heart? It really doesn't matter. It doesn't make him an evil guy. rEVOLution folks are supposed to be smart...so quit whining about dumb stuff.


My first thought was right in line with your statements. Then I saw that Belichik and others on the team were doing the same and the wheels started turning. I'd actually love to know for sure that Brady did it out of protest. If he were to come out publicly stating that the Pledge of Allegiance has socialist roots and was originally done with a Hitler-esque raised right arm, I'd be an instant fan.

Good Point!

Thank you for posting gizzy....

Sports vs. Enlightenment: "First of Nature Then of Spirit"

You must go through a period of being a young somewhat ego driven person.

As one grows older, and hopefully in spirit philosophically speaking, one should make the transition to an enlightened soul.

Do you not think that Dr. Ron Paul wasn't until at least 40 years of age a person who participated and enjoyed a good game of baseball..Was he not playing baseball until he was in his forties?

Don't go to extremes my friends with regard to sports..It's not always all or nothing. It's how you relate to it.

I would venture to say many of you never played a sport in your life, and there is nothing wrong with that of course.

I am just saying for awhile anyway, many of us must go through and do the sports thing.

What is important is that you don't make it the most important thing in your life - Like THEY say - everything in moderation....No?

Totally disagree with you

Sports in general have always brought people together; there is no racism in sport for it brings people with all sorts of backgrounds and colors together. The whole Tom thing who cares, and Ray got emotional because it could have been his last game.

I will say this, anyone remember when Ray killed those two people and got out of it through a plea bargain

Maybe you should read your

Maybe you should read your bill of rights and constitution before making ignorant comments about an accused...

Ventura 2012


I don't think anyone was saying we should send Ray Lewis to prison, I think our Constitution also says you have free speech, so if someone thinks Ray killed those people, or was more involved than he says, then I think they have the right to make that comment, without having to read the document before they make it.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

His "conclusion" is based off

His "conclusion" is based off the fact that Ray Lewis was charged with a crime and therefore he is guilty. The true mark of a trusting statist(or more likely just a hater being an a$$hole :D ). As evidence we are given the fact that Ray Lewis plead to something, as if pleas are not coerced every day just to avoid the possibility of a wrongful conviction!

Ventura 2012


...or is there something in the Constitution about not being allowed to have an opinion. It has been awhile since I read it so maybe Obama put something in there about opinions.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Im Canadian

I don't know your Constitution, I know parts but not everything. I should read yours though been meaning to do so. Also Ray Lewis did kill those people I'll say what I want


HAH sucks to be you!

HAH sucks to be you!

Ventura 2012


Good beer, great weed, (wont get arrested and sent to jail for 10 years for the smallest amount) great people, lots of open land, great woman! I mean great woman! haha, ice fishing, hunting, the list goes on and on. Take a trip up north one year you'll be glad you did


You seemed to agree with me on Ray...

Also, while I generally agree that sports can be bring people together, this is fading fast. Ever been to a Chargers/Raiders game? Yikes.

The dreaded Black HOLE

No shit lol, yea people do get out of hand but all sports and events have people like that. And I didn't notice you mentioning the Ray Lewis thing.

as a non-sports person . . .

I appreciate your perspective.

Who says we cannot appreciate other perspectives?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


We can debate whether or not it is fixed. My opinion is that absolutely some games have had the fix in with an official.

Anyway, there is no debating on whether pro, and college sports have become an equivalent to soap operas directed at the domesticated males of America. Domesticated men are deep into the macho image but have no desire to really protect their family or country from the assault of international finance and one world’ers.

They love the militarization of sports as well.


Liberty = Responsibility

Oh so you watched sports up

Oh so you watched sports up until 11pm last night and now you're done? LOL

Ventura 2012

Uh, not exactly...

I saw the Brady issue brought up somewhere and did a little digging. Haven't watched for years (other than being distracted by it now and then out of my peripheral vision).

Yeah sure you did. Just like

Yeah sure you did. Just like Alex Jones that purposely conflates sports terms to show he doesn't watch while he mentions later he went to the UT/Usc championship game

Ventura 2012


Why do you have to call me a liar?

As for Alex, I'm hardly a true believer, but I've heard him butcher enough sports terminology to know that he doesn't know jack squat about sports.

if nothing else, sports are/is . . .

a distraction--

from things that matter more: family, spirituality, freedom--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I don't believe football is

I don't believe football is rigged. Too many players would be screaming and hollering about it. A scandal would completely undermine the league.

Same with baseball...look at how many series are 3 and out...4 and out. You know they'd want the series to go the full 7 games to maximize revenues.

I just don't see it. Maybe you could get some quarterbacks to go along for big paydays...but not some script that everyone in the league is following like the WWE.

Hell, look at the TV show 'Storage Wars'. You got a cast of 6 or 7 people...and they can't even last a couple of seasons before one of the 'stars' is claiming all of the storage auctions are faked.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Two point conversion

1. It's the league and the refs who control most of it
2. With contracts in the 100's of millions, don't you think players can be bought?

I'm sure you could find

I'm sure you could find individuals who would throw games...like the 29 Black Sox...but I don't see a plot from the league.

Once you're making tens of millions of dollars...guys like Brees, Manning and Brady...I don't see them lying down and looking bad for a few extra bucks.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

does this look like a forward lateral?

Vegas has the Steelers by 4, so they would lose money with a touchdown, but would make money if the steelers don't cover the spread.



It's easy...

Video a few key players with an underage girl and/or snorting up some coke and -- BAM! -- they will eagerly do whatever they are told to do. They love their fame and fortune too much.

This works universally -- politics, news media, entertainers, judges, preachers, law enforcement, the military, you name it.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Players don't need to be involved. The "officials" control

the outcome since they are the judiciary aspect of the game. Umpires, refs, etc. are all the judge and jury for how the game unfolds. Fouls, penalties, balls and strike calling can all be very arbitrary. Who knows with so much money at stake.


2008 Superbowl Giants stun Patriots

That is when I got very suspicious.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Wow! You were a real sports

Wow! You were a real sports freak. I was a big fan too, didn't take it as far as you did, but I was pretty deep in. Once I left the States I fell out of love with it... it all seemed so superficial. Actually, when Ripken retired, real sport retired too.

What's the point of cheering your home team when your home team lives and spends all their money in other cities? Why bother even calling the teams by a city name anyway? They should just go ahead and Corporate brand them like they do in Japan and Europe because it would be more suitable.

Go Comcast Ravens!