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Why I can't watch sports anymore (Brady/Belechik/Lewis)

A while back I was enthralled by an interview Alex Jones did with former sports writer Brian Tuohy, who claims that all pro sports are rigged. Considering the amount of money involved and the importance to the Establishment to keep the bread (hot dogs, beer, and other poisons) and circuses (CNN/NFL/NBA/FOX/MLB/MSNBC/ETC.) front and center and ADDICTIVE (via MSG, aspartame, artificial 'flavors' for example), I don't see that as being a stretch at all. And this is coming from a former sports nut who used to run rotisserie leagues via FAX, all tabulated by highly sophisticated spreadsheets full of complex formulas I created from scratch.

That said, what am I supposed to make of this?

When combined with this?

I smell a rat.

p.s. Here's another excellent interview with Mr. Tuohy:


What I failed to elaborate on last night (it was late after all) was that I found it odd that the "Patriots" were being universally portrayed as "anti-American", while a (alleged) thug was doing his best to be "emotional" in front of the cameras. It just struck me as weird.

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Comcast Ravens, LOL

Ripken retired alongside one of my hometown heroes and all around good guys, Tony Gwynn. Speaking of hometown heroes, I smell a rat re the Junior Seau situation. He was another one of the good guys.

It's all about the money.

I keep telling my husband and son it's all rigged.

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Roger Gooddell was advocating

Roger Gooddell was advocating socialism a while back because he said it worked in the NFL. Bob Costas and his gun comments. Etc...

Maybe a long time ago sports were sports and pure competition. Now its more flag waving propaganda via the Media Complex. I've been weening myself from it for the past year and I think I can call it a day on my sports interest. I had a soft spot for baseball (Astros) until Bud Selig joined with McClane to dismantle the organization into a AAA team of nobodies just to sell it and move it to the AL.

Southern Agrarian

Yea I lost a lot of respect for bob

after that half time show where he said because Alan Belcher had a gun he killed her and couldn't of without one.

Link: https://www.google.com/

Come On Now...Sports Is The Opiate Of The People...So What!!

Niners Win!! Bring on "The Dirty Birds?

That evidence seems flimsy to me

I do think the NBA had (and might still have) a huge problem because a ref can make a huge difference in a game. As far as the NFL, I just don't see it. Maybe there have been bad calls but if there were truly a fix in, would they risk the game getting to the point of needing a miracle play (that they can legitimately overturn without it being obvious there was a fix?)

The argument about Nielson ratings was comical by the way. Even they mentioned the Jets are #18. The Knicks were horrible for a decade and they're in the NY market. I do think there are cases where cheating might occur (e.g. Ronnie Harmon's 4 fumbles in a bowl game against I think UCLA years ago) but I think that's the exception.

It's easy...

hookers, cocaine and hidden cameras make the world go 'round. ;)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

All Harbaugh Super Bowl

Coincidence or story line for maximum advertising and profit?


then why not last year? Both

then why not last year? Both teams made it to the NFC/AFC Championships in 2012, but neither could make the big game.

You'd figure if it was rigged, a Manning vs. Manning matchup would be in the bag.

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I suspect if there is manipulation, it is done with several

target scenario outcomes that are all acceptable to ownership and the big bosses. Major market teams, player or coaching match ups, etc. The league survives even if a team sneaks in that maybe wasn't in their favorite or optimal scheme, but they could certainly influence the probability of certain outcomes.