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MEGA Keynote: "By using MEGA, you say 'No' to governments that want to spy on you."

MEGA may play a large role in combating governmental intrusion of internet privacy.

Some quotes from the MEGA Keynote event:

  • "The U.S. government is investing billions into massive spy clouds to capture all your data and communication, completely ignoring your basic human right for privacy. (link)
  • "Privacy is about much broader values than just hiding things.." (link)
  • "By using MEGA, you say no to governments that want to spy on you. (link)
  • "..and by using MEGA, you say yes to internet freedom and your right to privacy."
  • "Ultimately, more and more of the internet will be encrypted due to MEGA." (link)

This is followed up with a spoof of the arrest of Kim Dotcom.
All of the quotes (above) are in this section of the keynote video.

Complete MEGA Keynote event: full (skipping intro performance)
Also in 6 parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6

Article based on Keynote video: at torrentFreak.com/dotcoms-mega-launches..

See also on DailyPaul: "Kim Dotcom - Mega is Live! Are you signing up?"

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What's with his names: Kim

What's with his names: Kim and Dotcom?

Regarding his birth last name if it isn't Dotcom, did he sell it to a company and did the company tell him that as long as he uses Dotcom for his last name he will receive money (for business or not) or publicity from the company and/or the media?

Also, is Kim his birth first name?

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He changed his name from Kim Schmitz

You can look him up on wikipedia.
Here is another article: at thenextweb.com

Thank you, Garan.

Thank you, Garan.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton

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Two cross-posts?


I respect his showmanship.

I respect his showmanship. He's like a combination of PT Barnum and Larry Flynt.


does anyone mind taking the time to explain to me what MEGA would be used for and how it is used, for what purpose?
and what was the other (bit-torrent??) used for and how did the gvt shut it down? are there others like it or was this the only one used for its purpose?

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In a nutshell..

It's like DropBox file sharing with added security/encryption.
DropBox is a web service where users upload files and share a link to the files with other people who can subsequently download the files.

When people speak of BitTorrent, they speak of a different way of sharing files; directly from person to person (peer to peer, computer to computer) instead of through an intermediary (such as a file hosting website). You may download individual files from multiple peers simultaneously to speed up the process. Many websites facilitate this process, however, all that is required is you and someone you know connecting with BitTorrent software. There are many choices of free software to do this. There are more technical details associated with BitTorrent file sharing, yet that is the core of it.

You can read more of BitTorrent on wikipedia .


thank You Garan.
Ive bookmarked your link and will read later.
I always forget about wiki!!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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Yeah, yet the problem with wikipedia is..

Yeah, yet the problem with wikipedia is that the articles often get bogged down in high-level detail; making it difficult to have a simplified understanding from which to learn more.

Still a good place to try.

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If you care about your online privacy...

If you care about your online privacy, although, I am sorry, you shouldn't keep your hopes too high any longer (and [*]), here are a few places to start with or to look up whatever keywords you need to know more about (on tools, technologies, actors, warnings) :




Now, on MEGA, more specifically, there's some past news to ponder about:



[*] On recent practical user issues with keeping their online (or offline) presence's privacy:



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Kim.com is a dishonest, fraudulent a hole.
He is not fighting for YOUR internet rights, only HIS profits.
He should not be the poster child for internet "freedom".

Such a passionate response.

Care to offer any supporting facts?

I think MEGA is an excellent innovation that may help in guiding the future of the internet to favor more privacy. I haven't found anything about this to be dishonest. I have much respect and appreciation for Mr. Dotcom. The more experiments taking place the better for all of us. The potential reward of profits is the driving force behind innovation. What is the problem with that?

I am a New Zealander.

Kim . is allowed to live in NZ but may not become a citizen. He has convictions of dishonesty and fraud in his native Germany. Tigers do not change their stripes, my friend.
He is also hell bent on meddling in our politics, and keeping himself in the spotlight.
There is nothing trust worthy about this slug of a man.


Can we have a source, please? Just trying to clear the air. Leave out your opinions and emotions, please. THANKS.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Niether is

the dailypaul... or anything else, really. However, if you know how to operate online then it is possible to achieve anonymity. By the way, MEGA does not claim to provide users with anonymity but offers encrypted data storage controlled by the user. Near-future innovations are perhaps even more exciting. I hope others may recognize the value in this and look further into it. Nothing is perfect but always a work in progress.