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Digital Journal: CNN Video of Police Charge at Sandy Hook is Not Sandy Hook

MUST SEE IMAGES AT THIS REPORT!!! Call for the firing of Anderson Cooper. Clear journalistic fraud!


At the words "they arrived to carnage," the CNN Anderson Cooper report cuts to helicopter footage of seven police officers charging across a parking lot and toward a school. It is breaking news coverage of the Sandy Hook shooting just hours earlier.

The three-minute report posted on the day after the shootings at the official CNN website is entitled "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School." But the school is almost certainly not Sandy Hook.

It is St. Rose of Lima School, a private school a few miles away, also in Newtown. Sandy Hook Elementary School is the site where 20 school children were killed on December 14, 2012, and 6 adults. Two adults were wounded, Natalie Hammond and another whom police have not named.

CNN: "Tragedy Strikes at Elementary School," at official CNN Youtube channel

Posted at CNN website. MPEG4 file at Dropbox

The helicopter footage is broadcast at 8 seconds into the CNN report, and again at time stamp 1:02. A close examination of the landscaping, parking lot markings, and the distinct curvature of the sidewalk reveals that no such terrain exist at Sandy Hook Elementary School. However, a Google Earth satellite photo shows the true location almost beyond a reasonable doubt. After circulating across the Internet for a time, photographic evidence seems to bear out that doubts were founded.

It is not known whether the rush to the building of the seven officers seen in the clip is a drill. Also unknown is when it took place.

The GPS coordinates of the area of the St. Rose of Lima School in question are: latitude 41.415154, longitude -73.297764. The street address which can be entered into the Google Earth search box to find the location is 40 Church Hill Rd, Newtown, CT. Google Earth is an Internet tool which allows Internet users to view satellite photos of any place on the planet in minute detail. Users can instantaneously zoom in on details as small as cars or streetlights.

In the disputed CNN footage, at time stamp :08 seconds, police can be seen running around a curved landscape feature from which diagonal lines radiate on the parking lot asphalt. At 1:02 (one minute and 2 seconds) the same clip is played again, more extensively. Officers run onto a long, curving white sidewalk next to a building. A utility room of some sort can be seen on the roof, near a metallic, grill-like device, perhaps a solar collector.
An examination of a satellite photo of Sandy Hook shows no such grouping of features. An examination of the satellite photo of St. Rose of Lima School, however, shows the exact features in detail. It is nearly indisputable that the the site where the officers are shown running is St. Rose of Lima School, not Sandy Hook.

In the CNN report, the second appearance of the footage takes place in the context of a cut to Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police at a press conference on that day. The script runs as follows:
Vance (at press conference): "Off-duty troopers responded to the school, and with Newtown police immediately upon arrival, entered the school and began a complete active shooter search of the building."

As the report cuts to the charging officers, the CNN voice-over says:
"They arrived to carnage."

The clip was run on CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360." The theme of Cooper's 360 program is "Keeping them honest."

Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/341776#ixzz2IahRUbh8

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I think I'm

going to let this topic go for awhile. I spent time today reading/watching videos at sodahead about the nuns at the Sandy Hook incident and spent time at intelhub.
Someone at sodahead thinks they've discovered the identity of one of the nuns and I think the other nun resembles somewhat the Lt. Governor of Connecticut. Time to give it a break, I think--I think I've looked at too many pictures of late.


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Thin gruel at that link. Intelhub would be better off focusing

its efforts on getting the White House petition on releasing the surveillance video to its goal so the WH has to respond. The lesson of 9/11 is not to let them have us running in circles on endless, by definition inconclusive speculation while they destroy the evidence.

A videotape in the hand is better than 100 conspiracy theories baking in the oven.


Release the Sandy Hook video.



The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. - Heinlein

It's common practice to use whatever footage is available

that looks like it fits.

This isn't too revealing, in my opinion.

"It's common practice to use

"It's common practice to use whatever footage is available that looks like it fits."

And that isn't disturbing enough?

LOL it is not "routine," re-enacted footage must say

"re-enactment." Footage but be identified by caption. In this case "THEY arrived to carnage" is a blatant misrepresentation of the footage as Sandy Hook." Vance is shown talking about police entering the building, cut to video of police storming the building.

This opens all kinds of questions, not least of which, what was going on at St. Rose? The bomb threat was TWO DAYS LATER. WHAT ELSE ARE THEY LYING ABOUT?

At best it reveals despicable lack of journalistic integrity. At worst conspiracy to deceive.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Because the masses

are to dumb and their lives to frenetic to notice?

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Anderson took the time to gripe about "conspiracy theorists"

and if he was not showing bogus footage, maybe we wound not suspect we were being LIED TO by the POS.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Not only that he went on the attack againt Prof. James Tracy

for asking questions about Sandy Hook, some questions better than others, admittedly, but still his First Amendment right.

What was going on at St. Rose that day? Why did they need fake video?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

And they were showing it as the reason we feel there is more to

the story. This was deception if it is true.

but it goes to media manipulation

and it must be pointed out whenever it happens. Why let them get away with it? Saying nothing is tantamount to condoning it.

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I don't see it,,, Disinfo?

"the satellite photo of St. Rose of Lima School, however, shows the exact features in detail. It is nearly indisputable that the the site where the officers are shown running is St. Rose of Lima School, not Sandy Hook." NOT WHEN I LOOK AT IT Copy the address,,, 40 Church Hill Rd, Newtown, CT Then paste it in the address bar here,, https://maps.google.com/ Do you see any of the evidence? But it is not Sandy Hook

Notice the parking spaces and rounded feature

Looks like a perfect match to me. You are using satellite view??

Really? If you look closely

Really? If you look closely at the Google Maps satellite imagery, you can pretty easily find the exact location the video footage came from.

zoom in close enough and you can even see


Release the Sandy Hook video.

And here's a news report on

And here's a news report on the St Rose of Lima bomb threat that occurred two days after the CNN report, showing officers rushing into the church (and passing the footage off as Sandy Hook Elementary), was broadcast:


Oh... it gets even stranger.

Oh... it gets even stranger. A quick Google search reveals this article:


This is the exact site where the questionable footage came from. If the dates are correct, the St Rose of Lima bomb threat occurred two days after the Sandy Hook shooting (and a mere 1.5 miles away). According to the CNN website, however, the CNN report was added on December 14th... two days before the bomb scare.


So where'd they get footage of a bunch of police officers rushing this particular church? Did they time travel?

I heard St. Rose just happen

I heard St. Rose just happen to be having a "practice drill" for a school shooter on the same day Sandy Hook happened. What are the odds?

Now we are going down the false flag road, which has been

nagging at me. This is reason to keep going down it. This would make two active shooter drills in one day nearby (the other in Putnam? Carmel?) If this is indeed a drill on the same day - we don't know.

Anderson Cooper just blew whatever credibility the MSM had left. This needs to go far and wide to put in peoples' minds YOU CAN'T TRUST THEM.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

bump for exposure