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Urgent from ANONYMOUS: "Our members are being kidnapped by government agents."

[I especially like the veiled threat at the end of the message.]


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Anonymous is Anonymous,

The whole notion of Anonymous, everyone being one collective is a far-left Marxist and anti-Individualist idea. Anonymous is Anonymous, therefore anyone can join, including the FBI. They are a left wing terrorist group that is used to make libertarians look bad. Any real libertarian wouldn't want to attack property rights.

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Like every terror cell run by the Gov, Anon has handlers

And is infiltrated up the ass like lulzsec.

Sort of like the saying, "If three people in East Germany are talking about politics, at least two of them are secret police."

Or, "Moscow is full of beautiful women, and they all work for the KGB."

Also have you noticed that anon's logo looks like the UN's, weird right?

But what about the saying, "We do not forget, we do not forgive?"

Oh wait, that is a Jewish saying usually used in warfare and against the Germans and Palestinians!

How about "By way of deception thou shall do war?"

Can you say Mossad?


Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

If you are "anonymous"

how can you be kidnapped? Or are random persons being kidnapped in the hope that some of them are "Anonymous"?
if you can be rounded up by officials, you are not that anonymous at all.

Doesn't sound too believable to me

If he's brave enough to go right on Twitter after that;

1) show us the Tweet
2) Why isn't he also brave enough to use his real voice here and give more details
3) Went to the hospital for a check up, huh? Who else does that?

The Name

The name does not mean they cannot be identified, it comes from being able to post on a BBS without identifying yourself. The system would simply use "Anonymous". It is to indicate that any of us can be anonymous; and really all of us are.

I heard Anonymous was A CIA arm


Yeah, I have always questioned them

Largely because they were made mention of on mainstream news. I worry that anonymous will be their controlled opposition for a cyber attack, that gets a reaction, then their solution is federal government control of the internet....or maybe by that time, UN control of the internet.

Anonymous: Based upon "V for Vendetta"

1) Released by Warner Bros., part of Time/Warner
2) Stars Natalie Portman, born in Israel and Devout Zionist and
"Pro-Gun Control"
3) Videos are slickly produced, indicating well-healed sponsors

That being said, "Anonymous" can be a useful tool, as long as you are aware of the possible risks of involvement. After all, witness Michael Scheuer's CIA connection.