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ANOTHER murder involving a child and an assault rifle. This one too close to home

Unbelievable. I don't know what to say. I give up, they are coming for our guns, all of them. And I know my state will not stand in the way after what just happened. This is too close to home and I honestly do not believe it. How can a person come to believe a teenager can shoot up his whole family. And of course they are saying an assault rifle was found. All we hear in the news is our children killing us. I can't and won't believe any of it. It's not logically possible. That's like saying my son could do such a crime and I know that would never happen. Whatever the reason is behind this and the sandy hook tragedy I do not know but I will not come to believe it was our innocent children who could kill family and over 20 students at school. Sounds like something from a movie except movies usually have a motive. I think the motives in the tragedies that are happening today are conspiracy kept from us. Because I cannot believe any of it is happening. We just had a successful event with over 300 people rallying at the Santa Fe capital but so much for that. Now this will bury that news.


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They haven't said exactly

They haven't said exactly what the weapon is have they? They are saying "assault-type" rifle - whatever that is. Sounds like they are just BS about the gun.

Multiple news sources say

Multiple news sources say that multiple guns including an AR-15 rifle was used int the shootings.