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Organizing at the State Level

Have been reading people's posts with regards to continuing to be active in their state Republican party (Maine, Alaska, Oklahoma). Just wanted to let folks know parts of Georgia are organizing. Now is the time to start getting involved. Even if you can't run for a position, you can start attending meetings, conventions etc and support/vote for liberty-minded people. The Republican party is ripe for a renaissance. I have recruited a family member, and plan on writing to several politically like-minded individuals to encourage them to join meetups, liberty sites on facebook, etc. and find a way to start getting plugged in. I'm tired of people complaining and then sitting back and not acting. I realize a lot of people don't know how, I sure didn't til last year. But now I think we all have a responsibility to start recruiting and getting more involved.

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As nice as it would be

As nice as it would be to see GOP committees filled with Ron Paul Republicans, democratically overthrowing the Neos, educating those who have lost their way, and Restoring the Republic in their states, preparing to join with the same in every state from around the nation, in a big heart throb, pulsing for PEACE, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, amd LOVE, know this my friend in Georgia.. that day will come.

That day will come because of you and people like you who are not wrapped in bandages of fear and loathing, bigotry and prejudice.

That day will come because people like you see the GOP for what it is, merely a tool to be used by those who dare pick it up and employ it.

As nice as it would be, to see our committee rooms with standing room only, or even better, mobs outside supporting our afforts to take the GOP tool and use it lovingly to restore America to constitutional laws, peace, freedom and liberty for ALL.. it is now only for the bravest and most dedicated among us.

Remember, Ron Paul was alone for decades. You heard him with your heart and joined him.. others simply follow, hoping for an autograph or a picture, to be near what is great is good enough for them. They are not destined to be great or even perpetuate what is great.

Only you and the few who sit with you, giving knowing nods, and firm handshakes built on trust and LOVE will establish the platform for those who merely follow.