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Has Anyone Heard How New Yorkers are Reacting to the New Gun Laws?

Hi everyone. I haven't seen much info on how the people of NY are taking those new gun laws. Have any of you heard anything?

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fear, seething anger and confusion

Those are the emotions that I have come across. I was at the rally on Saturday , it was a good turn ou. 3-4,000 is my guess. C4L put it at 5k...everybody there was pretty amped. It may seem like NYers are rolling over, but I wouldn't put money on that...time will tell.

I Would Really Hate

to live there right now but you folks in NY are going to be watched by EVERYONE to see how it plays out. Hope you can take back your state. I have a feeling that tptb are going to also use you as an experiment. Sucks but that is likely the way it is. Good Luck to you and I hope for the best for you! You have friends out there!


I'm a new yorker and i'm

I'm a new yorker and i'm incredibly pissed .. as if it wasn't hard enough already to own a slingshot .. everything is considered an assault weapon ... i'm stuck with getting a bolt action rifle and a pump shotgun :( i'm screwed.

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I Wish You Luck

I feel for you because I have wondered what I would do in your place. Not a good position to be in. Please keep us informed on how the state reacts over all. We are all watching and thinking of you!


The silence is deafening

however the act of rolling over and lifting a leg speaks louder than a rifle.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.

Don't know, but

governor Cuomo's new restrictions on magazine sizes (that hold over 7 rounds) went into effect immediately:

What's strange is that a spokesman for the governor's office called this local ABC news station and stated that "currently, no police officer is in violation" (referring to the magazine limits).

...sorry Cuomo, but no law enforcement officer or government official is above the law, even though first and foremost, these laws are blatantly unconstitutional. I might make a thread about this...

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I'll hazard a guess...

I'll hazard a guess... They're lovin' it? NY is a very, very liberal stronghold.

One attorney has stepped forward

General tidbits will be probably be discussed here.