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My conversation with a bank teller

So I had to go into my bank today to do some budgeting and paying my bills; I live in Canada so our banking system is slightly different but its the same considering the private monopoly over our money. Instead of a central private bank controlling our money we actually gave that power to the smaller private banks, the equivalent to America's BoA, Chase, First National and so on. Once inside the RBC branch I was banking in, my conversation went something like this.

Me "excuse me but do you mind if I ask you a very serious question while you work"

Teller "Not at all"

Me "How would you feel if their was a private company that dealt specifically with the finances of our country Canada; this private company had the power granted by our government to create our money out of thin air, holding no reserves. They then would loan this created money out with interest sometimes compounded interest, you know what that is right?"

Teller "Yes, hey that sounds like counterfeiting? where are you going with this"

Me "I'll let you know right away, back to my question. With this power to create our money basically with the stroke of a pen they are able to insert money into our money supply causing it to increase which is called inflation, this inflation will ultimately lower the value of our dollar until the plastic we print our dollars on will be worth more then the actual amount of money on it"

Teller "So the more money they create the less our money is actually worth"

Me "Exactly"

Teller "Well I don't know how I'd feel, maybe mad I guess. I'd have to learn more about it, why do you ask me this?"

Me "Before I can answer that I'll ask you one last question"

Teller "Ok, Shoot"

Me "Would you ever work for a company that does this"

Teller "Well based on what you said I would have to say no"

Me "But you already are"

Teller "I don't understand"

Me "The companies I should say that control the right to create our money are the private banks of Canada, you happen to work for the biggest one"

She then later questioned me how I knew this and she said she would look into it, I hope she does. I have noticed most tellers don't know this evil aspect to their work, so to all the DP'ers go tell your tellers!

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Doesn't the "lowly" (wtf) teller VOTE?

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Yep and so do teachers and

Yep and so do teachers and cleaners and anyone else, so why think you can influence the banksters by picking on someone who has nothing to do with policy making? Encourage others to vote to end the Fed but why humiliate someone who is probably a decent person trying to pay her bills and get through like the rest of us?

Why would that be humiliating?

Why are you against education? You know people didn't learn this stuff in school.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Then you have utterly and

Then you have utterly and entirely missed the point of the R3VOLution.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Telfire read all my comments

Telfire read all my comments and you'll realise I haven't missed the point of the revolution but the only way to change anything is to vote into power people who will vote to end the fed. Ground up can work but will take a long time to fully reach the masses. Did you see the inauguration today? Talk about brainwashed.

No I already did read them

No I already did read them all and you actually just reiterated my point. You think the way to change things is through voting! You truly did entirely miss what Ron Paul was saying all the time.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Kinda complicated

Questions are much simpler:

1) Do majority of Americans want free stuff or not (trade union perks, government secure jobs, stress syndrome disability, free prescription drugs for seniors, affirmative action, welfare, rent stabilized apartments, etc, etc)?

2) Can a NON-fraudulent system accommodate such a demand for long?

Answer: Americans should be thankful to the Federal Reserve that allowed many generations to live beyond their means. Yes, it is coming to an end, but past generations had a hell of a free ride. Even today, trade unions at Lockheed Martin don't want to change a thing.

"Americans should be thankful"???

Are you serious?!!!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


I mean the majority who benefited for so long. If confronted with a choice to work hard and be compensated based on competitive productivity OR care-free welfare, affirmative-action equal pay or trade union contract, guess what the answer would be.

The only solution is to 1) educate people; 2) adapt new morality based on reason (not beliefs.) And that may not happen since economists have already explained why intellectuals, on average, like big government. Time will tell. Fighting for liberty is a good cause, has always been.


would have been my 2nd or logical guess. I hope you can see why that raised an eyebrow...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Important concept

Most of the inflation in the money supply occurs through fractional reserve lending at the commercial bank level, not from the Federal Reserve.


confuse this with Rothbardian argument about economic boom & bust via loan/lending. If the Fed is printing money and giving it to banks as the reserve money, then banks, in turn, can generate more loans, thus more inflation... So it is a combo: The Fed is initiator, branch banks are multipliers.


thanks for sharing.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Now this is how you educate someone!

Non-confrontational, very informative, non-preachy, and you left the person wanting to know more. Now they can begin to research for themselves. Wonderful job!

Real teaching...

Is not telling people what to think, but by getting them to think...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!