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medical marijuana

I'm on a mission to get the people of GA, a very red state, to start talking about medical marijuana. Ill be going the route of flyer/pamphlet activism. Keep in mind its a very red state, so the approach is strictly for medicinal use. The opposition is strong, given atl has the headquarters for some top "fascist" organizations, like the cdc, national cancer institute, etc. I'm looking for professional looking leaflets/pamphlets, etc that isn't graffitied with pot leaves or peace signs, and argues for herbal medicines, then at the very bottom introducing cannabis as one of the best. Marketing 101 says ya can't just throw out the word marijuana; people see it too quickly and will reject it. Considering something with "credible" (yeah credible like faux nooz) sources talking about its anti cancer effects. Please help me, as its embarissing to see ga this far behind the curve. Links to full size brochures are greatly appreciated!

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NORML. Not a perfect organization, but they have a lot of experience in marketing, and I'm sure have literature that will fit the niche you are looking for quite precisely.

I definitely will. I am

I definitely will. I am worried though about them having the first glance image of pro obama..which is absolute kryptonite for red staters. Ill talk to them and see what they say. Thanks!

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite

Selling people on why drugs AREN'T bad mmmkay isn't the best

The best thing that I have found is to show the medicinal value IN CHILDREN as well as YOUNGER CANCER patients and their families stories about what medical marijuana can and has done for them COMPARED TO the pharmaceutical pills.

I would also actually bring up the real history as to why marijuana was banned in the first place and it was ONLY to stop hemp from competing in stockings and a million other textiles due to hemp being a WONDER PLANT for manufacturing.

Have people watch REEFER MADNESS and ask them if the reasons listed in the movie itself give reason to ban the plant and if ANYTHING mentioned is even factual.

I would bring up the deaths caused my asprin, pepsi and common items people think are SAFE and then bring up that ZERO deaths have been caused by marijuana since its existence on earth.

There will always be the idiots though.. the ones who will always be scared of plants...

I will say this though, when SHTF us gardeners are going to be the second coming of christ in some circles. If you can grow or harvest your own food or know someone who can then good luck.

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Great ideas, but I disagree.

Great ideas, but I disagree. You start to mention children and weed and your playing into the hands of those who oppose it. Pictures of marijuana pills sell better than a kid using it. I'm trying to figure out the best way to sell it, instead of scaring people off about it. I have some very conservative friends, and they tll me as long as its in pill form its ok. I know its dumb, meaning if its a pot leaf its bad, but if its inside of a gelatin cylinder then its different then that drug that reagan warned us about. Sheeple gona sheep, haha. Some advice from peeps was talk up herbal remedies, vitamins, etc for a bit, then introduce cannabis.

One world, under government, with power and money for the elite