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The 23 "Executive Orders" that are not.

NO EXECUTIVE ORDERS were signed by Obama.

I would like to offer this information for review.

I believe there is an non reported angle to the much publicized 23 pieces of paper signed on the 16th by Obama.

First, no MSM is reporting the truth. That is: No "Executive Orders" were signed.

Second, why are they lying?

Third: Why are only four documents listed on the "official" Government web page?

Please see the proof at the White House links below.

Here at the first link, you will see that the last Executive Order was signed on December 27th, 2012. Nothing from the 16th of January, 2013.


Here at the second link you will see the listing for Presidential Actions.


It shows three "memoranda" and one "proclamation".

Please spread this far and wide and expose and correct this mis-information.

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