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Are the thought police coming?

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The thought police never have to step foot in your home to know

The thought police never have to step foot in your home to know what you think. Every transmission you've made in the last 10 years is held by the NSA, and compiled into a personnel database to use against you at any point in your life should it become... necessary.

Don't THINK of running for public office on a platform of civil liberties or cutting the spy/surveillance/psyop black budgets.

The media will find an early October surprise in the form of a dossier with the juiciest posts, emails, phone conversation transcripts, and other communiques, not to mention late bills, disputes, court papers, questionable photos, and planted odds and ends that any yellow journalist can turn into a career-busting expose.

Its not coming. Its been here for some time.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

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They are welcome to my home but,

like the Hotel California, they may NEVER leave!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.