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My health insurance premiums just went up by 12.5%

I am self-employed, so I'm not sure if this applies to everybody but I just got my invoice due on February and my insurance premium went from $48/month up to $54/month, a 12.5% increase!! My insurance covers nothing but catastrophic events basically, which is why the premium is fairly low.

Has anybody else's insurance gone up? If so, what %?

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We paid $250 a month. Now it's $400.
Big changes for us this year.
Back to ramen noodles we go. Thats not a Michelle Obama endorsed food is it?

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Mine went up 20% in one month, about 100% in past 18 months

My individual policy is going from $228 to $278 a month. About 20%.

Whew! Thank god there's no inflation!


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