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I don't care about 911, Obama's birth certificate, nor Sandy Hook

Hold your Horses.

I cared about 911 and Sandy Hook when the stories first broke; my heart ached like the rest of you. 911 more so than Sandy Hook, but Sandy Hook more so because of 911 (the biggest large scale uncertainty event in US History -- during my life time -- Oklahoma bothered me but when I knew it was a criminal act, not as much).

What do I mean by "I don't care"

Caring is Action -- Love is Action -- Laughther is Action

I'm not "acting" on Sandy Hook in a way that would prevent the next Sandy Hook -- and honestly neither are any of you; otherwise your "action" on 911 would have prevented Sandy Hook or the Birther fiasco.

Show me one bit of action that has lead to one free-market type reform that is now in effect -- for me there are NONE and so the time spent "acting" on these topics is either a waste or it is just emotional entertainment. Either it gets us something, toward free-market liberty, or it does not and thus serves another purpose (I suggest these events once the raw emotions are over are for sport / entertainment -- porn-like sensory stimulation -- coffee substitute).

I have "acted" on Love and Laughter since 911, since Sandy Hook, and well I just never cared about Obama's B-cert because I've believed since 1988 that "one-man" does not cause the up-rise or down-fall of a nation.

I never hero-worshiped Christ, Buddha, MLK Jr, or Ronald Reagan and I liked all of them better than Bush 1 & 2, Clinton, Obama -- So why would I do that with Ron Paul? I wouldn't and I supported him in 1988.

So, and for the same reason, one event cannot ruin my world unless it touches my world and for me it would have to touch really close to home (someone I knew or loved) and even then I would not VOTE my revenge -- I would just be sad for a year or so, but life for me is about finding happiness even if the circle I find it in gets smaller and smaller -- I will still seek it and find it.

Venegence-Seeking is why Libertarians cannot figure out the Matrix -- why they, of all parties, cannot come up with a line-of-best-fit; instead Libertarians are in two camps -- Anti-Any-President / Anti-Voting-Lobbying and Anti-Current-President / Pro-Voting-Lobbying.

One is "truly" libertarian and the other is NOT.

I don't care about 911 and Sandy Hook because no one in either of those communities does anything but bytch and moan -- no "action" no love, no caring, no laughter.

They orgy themselves on media scraps and spend all day long dissecting it.

Do you know how many times a "Truther" has watched or googled "people falling from towers" -- It is "porn" to them, at this point.

Any media image (and all truther videos are provided by "media") and any activity that enters the campaign trail (as birthers, truthers, and now hookers have done so) is ALL for the perpetuation of corporatism because these "images" are not born from free-market "like" persuits.

If you were free you wouldn't be gorging yourself on them, you'd be too busy ensuring your next months earnings -- a free-society is a scrape and hustle society; not a 1st-world-problems type world. Savers are workers -- workers with no guarantees to work; that's the free-society.

All free-market economists argue that a free-society is a saver society not a spender -- spending is a leisure activity; a saver is more like a Dwarf from Lord of the Rings, hahahahaha.

So while everyone laments and gnashes their teeth and pounds their fists I will go on trying to find ways to get "consumer-sovereignty" up-front and center of the movement.

While the rest of you find another RP to replace RP with -- who in 40 years was not able to get one piece of "free-market" type legislation in action BECAUSE free-markets are controlled by consumers NOT voters.

I can't follow you guys down another never-ending Birther nightmare of a waste of time that leads to NO free-market action.

Blogging is in-action under Corporatism -- so far, it has lead to not one hair-breadth of a movement in the direction of liberty.

Lawn-Signs - Voting - Blogging - Lobbying - Protests - Occu-pies

These are the things we now know do not one free-market make.

Guns (we've had them since Washington) -- Not one movement toward a free-society did they help to make.

Free-Speech -- Either we do not know the right words or free-speech does not beget a free-society. I'm hopeful that the former is true; that we do not know the right words.

I say let's try something NEW -- but I also find down-votes amusing, hahahaha.

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I'd like to know more about your ideas on "consumer-sovereignty."

My husband and I have decided that putting our money in better places is one of the things we CAN change. So far, we've switched our mortgage from one of the bailed-out banks to a local credit union. We stopped using our bailed-out-bank credit card.

Now we're trying to decide if our 401K, which is doing well and is not with a company that took a bailout or has been involved (as far as my research skills go) with shenanigans, should be left alone or if we should bite the 20 percent penalty to pay off the bad-bank card. This bankcard is tied to the airline we use most. We fly a lot so we get a few award flights a year. We'd like our airline to do business with a better bank so we wouldn't face that conundrum. But alas...

I'd be most interested in thoughts on how to best place savings and debt. I'm interested in an approach that feeds off the idea that if everyone did thus-and-such, we'd change the financial marketplace.

I agree with some

It is particularly useless to endlessly google conspiracy theories... That's why Ron Paul doesn't engage in the theories. I've read that the Jesuits control the world, The vatican controls the world, the Rothchilds control the world, the rockefellers control the world, the bushs control the world, that the jews control the world.... and that's just the start. We haven't gotten to lizard people yet.

But to say we've made no change or that Ron Paul has had no effect is not true. I would have voted for McCain in 2008 happily had it not been for Ron Paul showing me the light.

Never forget

A large part of the Libertarian movement is truth! While you are fixated on action, others are working the side of the coin. Their actions are determining truth and helping others to discern truth from lies and propaganda.

Libertarianism is a multi-faceted entity. I hope you have continued happiness in your pursuits. While you might be content to accept the world as it is handed to you, others opt to challenge it.

Know me, and you will know of the men and women that forged my soul.

Dear OctoBbox, Friend & Foe, Colorado Rivier awaits. Got a raft?

Dear OctoBbox, Friend & Foe,

Subject: Down The Green & Colorado Rivers: "Tetons the Sea. 3 minute tour w/ DownTheColorado.org Let your liberty flow.

Here is your personal, up close preview of a wonderful float down this mighty Southwest river.

This film chronicles a 113 day journey down the Green and Colorado Rivers, from source to sea. Start up in Wind River Mountains, Wyoming in October 2011. Finish at the Sea of Cortez, Mexico in January 2012. The river begins as a trickle, carves ever deeper and more spectacular canyons. By diversion, it shrinks to a trickle again.

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Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Did You See

What happened to the Ron Paul delegates in Louisiana during the campaign? Wasn't THAT ACTION? We ARE trying but it took a long time for the country to get taken over and it will take a while to take it back! I just hope we have time!


First; you don't talk down to people

Instead of getting people motivated about making some positive ACTION happen, everyone is just thinking about how to tell you to STFU for ACTING like a dick.

Second; You want cooperation? Set the example. Don't add another post to the pile of wasted words and wasted ACTION.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”― Ernest Hemingway

Try again.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I'm just saying what people have tried, since 1790 'till today

has not benefited EVERYONE'S liberty -- only a few.

The Upper 6% of Whites owned the Slaves in the South.

The Upper 8% of Whites set policy in 1790.

The Upper 8% (mostly whites but no longer exclusive) set policy 2013.

The Dollar (the valuation mechanism of all assets) *according to Ron Paul* has fallen every year since 1912 and more so since 2000 -- even faster since 2007.

Either that is a true statement or it is not -- that our freedoms are less.

That means that all efforts to today have failed -- in "real" terms.

Why would you identify with wasted effort and become emotional?

My efforts have failed to get people (on the DP) to see that NOT EVERYONE was free in 1790 -- thus STOP HARKING BACK to that era as an era of freedom.

My efforts have failed to show that every Founding Father (President and Congress) have CIRCUMVENTED the Constitution -- all the way up till today -- People still hero-worship the Founders.

I don't identify with my failures -- I just acknowledge them and look for new approaches.

I had NO IDEA this thread would strike such a sensitive chord -- otherwise I would have written it in 2008.

Very interesting......

Did you learn much at mime school today?

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


Bye bye then! I'm so thankful for my brothers and sisters in liberty who work so hard to make a change happen. Change takes time.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

WTF is this babble?

"Caring is Action -- Love is Action -- Laughther is Action"

Yes and so are a great many things. Including running, fighting, moneybombs, email campaigns, blog posts, sign waves, endless examples.

"one event cannot ruin my world unless" it does apparently. And nothing hurts you unless it does. DEEP.

"Do you know how many times a "Truther" has watched or googled 'people falling from towers'"

No but I was under the impression there's more than one Truther. Are you speaking for all of them?

"Any media image...and any activity that enters the campaign trail...is ALL for the perpetuation of corporatism because these "images" are not born from free-market "like" persuits." (sic)

I see. So all the images, youtubes, signs and shirts we made were somehow dictated and controlled by who? Obama? You are going for a record on sweeping generalisations here aren't you?

"Blogging is in-action under Corporatism -- so far, it has lead to not one hair-breadth of a movement in the direction of liberty."

Ah I see. No minds have been changed, opened or swayed. No information was passed, no learning took place ON ANY BLOG EVER. I guess we all learned libertarian ideology from....what? Toothpaste? You are really sounding the fool.

"Guns (we've had them since Washington) -- Not one movement toward a free-society did they help to make."

Because the revolutionary war was fought with soap bubbles.

"I say let's try something NEW"

Logic perhaps?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Not sure that any of us can prevent the next fiascos.

But we can EXPOSE so people will wake up and stop succumbing to the traps that come along with the fiascos.

...such as going along with torture, indefinite detention, the so-called Patriot Act, the phony baloney war on terror, and now the threats to our right to keep and bear arms.

If people don't know they're being lied to, they have little reason to not go along with the agendas being pushed by the gov't/media.

I don't care about those things either

I do so by not making posts about them, mainly

Nice to see you post again octo! Now, get back to talking people into circles

Octo does manage to get people's pet goat.

Billy Preston - 'Round in Circles

Free includes debt-free!

I don't know where to start.

A lot of words, but I don't get the point(s).
Caring and Love and Laughter are all great things, I agree. They don't define action and action does not necessarily mean Caring and Love and Laughter. I'm lost there.
And how do these actions get us to a free market? Is that the whole end-game anyway?
Political boxes? Gorging on truther porn? Guns and blogging?
I guess your point is you think none of these things is of value because you haven't seen the big machine changing course. Therefore this type of action in useless, and so you don't care.
I would love to hear your solution to getting from point A to point B.
Please define A and B.

Exposing The Sandy Hook Hoax Is Important Because

... it is an opportunity for the public to verbosely see how immensely corrupt the government is in its pursuit of gun control.

The gun control issue which is now coming to a head is arguably the most important political issue of all time.

- AMAZING PHOTO delineating where UNRESTRAINED CAPITALISM has taken us: http://www.rense.com/general96/whatare.html
- "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."-- Mohandas Gandhi

I've heard several quip.

"I'll wait until "they" get their story straight.

This simple indictment questions their usefulness as an authority.

It's a good start.

Free includes debt-free!

ecorob's picture

Christ, you are a d*ick, octocox...

What a piece of scum sucking, arsewipe you are!

And a former cop, or a cop trainer or whatever kind of jackbooted thug you are, on top of all of that!

It makes me sick to think that I have to fight for your right to say these things but that is America, isn't it?

Just like I can call you the coward and selfish bast*rd that you are.

What the hell are you here for?
Is this how you get your jollies?
By accepting whatever your overlords cram down your scumsucking throat?
I NEVER like you nor your self righteous "save-the-hero-cops" attitude.

I do appreciate the way you define yourself, though, so we don't have to remind people the kind of stands you've made around here for a couple of years.

Did you wear a blue hat for the cops in Chicago in 1968?

I bet you were the arsehole on the firehoses, too, weren't you?

You are worthless! May your children leave you to die a lonely and bitter old man (because THAT is what you are now).

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I write words (in an open forum) and you turn to curses

hahahaha -- "emote much"

Everything you said was false.......so I wouldn't know where to begin.

Here's what I'm saying (summarized):

According to all Rothbardians / Misesians / RP-himself our freedoms have been stripped, each year (every year getting worse), since 1912.

I'm arguing that since Women, Poor Whites, Indians, and Blacks in many and in some cases IN ALL instances could not vote in 1790 -- they could not avail gov't for "benefits" (as did the Founders) and as for Blacks-Indians-Women their "lot" did not become "a little" till the 1920's.

Ignoring Broken Treaties, Stolen Generations, Stolen Lands, Jim Crown, Women's Suffrage, Black Codes, and Gerrymandering from 1860 on.

Also EVERY SINGLE Paulian - Rothbardian - Misesian all-to-the-one argue that OUR RIGHTS have been lessened from 1912 to 2000 and worse-so (as each group argues) from 2007 to 20012 (thanks Obama).

IF THEY ARGUE THAT (and they do -- as did the Judge today, yesterday, and everyday since 2007) then all actions taken to "thwart" boom-bust-corporatist cycle HAS FAILED.

Why is it hard to say it -- either we have some measure of GREATER FREEDOM from our efforts OR WE DO NOT.

I have NEVER ONCE since 2007 heard one Paulian argue that we are better off "now that" (xyz effort has been made).

RP has argued that our dollar has fallin every-day, in value, since 1912 and worse since 2000.

Either it's true, the valuation mechanism all assets are termed in, is declining or IT IS FALSE.

Insert Einstein's definition of insanity and MAYBE we should think out-side-the-box?

Call me crazy and curse me -- you'd have to ignore reality to do so.

I'mmmmm the bad guy? For pointing out that what has been attempted has not brought one iota of greater freedom? Seriously? I'm the worse?

I personally

never lump sum events or get discouraged by unpopular label. I look at each event SEPARATELY, look at the known facts and reasoning from both sides of the argument, then apply my OWN reason.

A. 9/11. I explored basement structure of WT7 (where the inner columns were sitting on two steel trusses rather than on their own foundations). It became clear that the free fall is logical when support of one of the trusses yields.

B. Obama. When I looked at Obama birth certificate directly from the White House website, I zoomed 1600 and discovered that resolution of text and that of the background is different. Scanners, cameras or optimization software do not produce that (OCR - optical character recognition - was not used.) Obama IS a fraud to me.

C. Sandy Hook. When the media mentioned that police and witnesses were given drugs, the latter's bizarre acting does not surprise me. I see no solid facts for a staged operation so far.


My all time favorite. Thanks for reading my mind and putting this together.

ecorob's picture

yeah, rollo...

you are the same jerk who says, "welcome to the daily kook" when discussing sandy hoax!

you and octocox deserve each other...(you are probably already blue buddies)!!!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

And you're the guy who has

And you're the guy who has flamed every single member of the daily paul... why?


"daily kook" is F-in Funny!
kooks make the world go round.

They call ron paul a "kook".

lighten up, as I have.
It will work itself out.

notice i didnt call you ecolib?

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Eye opening

The way I see it is that the more we can discredit the “establishment” (MSM/gov.org) etc. the more people will extricate their craniums from their colons, wipe the feces from their eyes and ears and start seeing and understanding what is happening to their country while their heads were in that warm dark environment.


Rude image, LOL!


Free includes debt-free!

You took the time to tell us

what you don't care about.


I don't care if you don't care!

What does your lack of care re these topics have do to promote market solutions.

Why take the opportunity to tell us, where's the profit in that.

How about something hard hitting on consumer sovereignty rather this rambling expose on the success of people being wrong?

Free includes debt-free!

"Show me one bit of action

"Show me one bit of action that has lead to one free-market type reform that is now in effect -- for me there are NONE and so the time spent "acting" on these topics is either a waste or it is just emotional entertainment."

Real Action as a result of the free market? Proof of purchase.

Have you tried to by ammunition lately? Gun prices are through the roof (because of demand) and the gun manufacturing companies stock prices are going through the roof too. Millions of Americans have taken serious action as a result of what supposedly happened at Sandy Hook, and they are voting and acting with their wallets, literally.

This is the kind of action that leads to free-market economic AND political reform. The market is responding. The politicians are responding too, and their response is driving the reform both economically and politically.

Thank you, president Obama. America is now armed to the teeth. He took a shot at the gun owners beehive, and now we're all buzzing around stinging them with truth seeking questions....questions that drive people to seek answers, and the answers are leading to results.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Excellent point. CARING is an action verb.

That means taking ACTION. IF you care about something, you ACT.

(Corollary: If you do NOT care about something, you TALK and not act, irregardless of your EMOTIONS or passion about the subject.)

Typing, as you correctly point out, is not ACTING.

Many libertarians, just like most Americans today, believe that expression of an opinion is equivalent to action. It is not. In fact, it is the VERY DEFINITION of INaction.

Action is action. A=A. Inaction is NOT action. Action means up out of your seat, outside, taking ACTION.

I'll probably get a million downvotes for this reply, but those downvotes, just like opinions, are irrelevant in light of the facts and do not change the facts.

Talking out loud IS action!

Talking out loud IS action! This is a blog and I may be typing, but in reality I AM SPEAKING. The written word is called FREE SPEECH, and by engaging in our right to free speech, we are taking action.

An opinion can be more powerful than any weapon.

An IDEA can be more powerful than a gun.

Call me an armchair quarterback, but the "fans," and voters buy the tickets, and go to the "game." If the coach or president sucks, the armchair QB is a big reason why they get fired.

TALKING or blogging out loud does NOT fall upon deaf ears. Every single human in the world has only 6 degrees of separation between themselves and you.

Opinions matter, facts matter, TRUTH matters, and what one blogs/speaks matters most.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.