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I don't care about 911, Obama's birth certificate, nor Sandy Hook

Hold your Horses.

I cared about 911 and Sandy Hook when the stories first broke; my heart ached like the rest of you. 911 more so than Sandy Hook, but Sandy Hook more so because of 911 (the biggest large scale uncertainty event in US History -- during my life time -- Oklahoma bothered me but when I knew it was a criminal act, not as much).

What do I mean by "I don't care"

Caring is Action -- Love is Action -- Laughther is Action

I'm not "acting" on Sandy Hook in a way that would prevent the next Sandy Hook -- and honestly neither are any of you; otherwise your "action" on 911 would have prevented Sandy Hook or the Birther fiasco.

Show me one bit of action that has lead to one free-market type reform that is now in effect -- for me there are NONE and so the time spent "acting" on these topics is either a waste or it is just emotional entertainment. Either it gets us something, toward free-market liberty, or it does not and thus serves another purpose (I suggest these events once the raw emotions are over are for sport / entertainment -- porn-like sensory stimulation -- coffee substitute).

I have "acted" on Love and Laughter since 911, since Sandy Hook, and well I just never cared about Obama's B-cert because I've believed since 1988 that "one-man" does not cause the up-rise or down-fall of a nation.

I never hero-worshiped Christ, Buddha, MLK Jr, or Ronald Reagan and I liked all of them better than Bush 1 & 2, Clinton, Obama -- So why would I do that with Ron Paul? I wouldn't and I supported him in 1988.

So, and for the same reason, one event cannot ruin my world unless it touches my world and for me it would have to touch really close to home (someone I knew or loved) and even then I would not VOTE my revenge -- I would just be sad for a year or so, but life for me is about finding happiness even if the circle I find it in gets smaller and smaller -- I will still seek it and find it.

Venegence-Seeking is why Libertarians cannot figure out the Matrix -- why they, of all parties, cannot come up with a line-of-best-fit; instead Libertarians are in two camps -- Anti-Any-President / Anti-Voting-Lobbying and Anti-Current-President / Pro-Voting-Lobbying.

One is "truly" libertarian and the other is NOT.

I don't care about 911 and Sandy Hook because no one in either of those communities does anything but bytch and moan -- no "action" no love, no caring, no laughter.

They orgy themselves on media scraps and spend all day long dissecting it.

Do you know how many times a "Truther" has watched or googled "people falling from towers" -- It is "porn" to them, at this point.

Any media image (and all truther videos are provided by "media") and any activity that enters the campaign trail (as birthers, truthers, and now hookers have done so) is ALL for the perpetuation of corporatism because these "images" are not born from free-market "like" persuits.

If you were free you wouldn't be gorging yourself on them, you'd be too busy ensuring your next months earnings -- a free-society is a scrape and hustle society; not a 1st-world-problems type world. Savers are workers -- workers with no guarantees to work; that's the free-society.

All free-market economists argue that a free-society is a saver society not a spender -- spending is a leisure activity; a saver is more like a Dwarf from Lord of the Rings, hahahahaha.

So while everyone laments and gnashes their teeth and pounds their fists I will go on trying to find ways to get "consumer-sovereignty" up-front and center of the movement.

While the rest of you find another RP to replace RP with -- who in 40 years was not able to get one piece of "free-market" type legislation in action BECAUSE free-markets are controlled by consumers NOT voters.

I can't follow you guys down another never-ending Birther nightmare of a waste of time that leads to NO free-market action.

Blogging is in-action under Corporatism -- so far, it has lead to not one hair-breadth of a movement in the direction of liberty.

Lawn-Signs - Voting - Blogging - Lobbying - Protests - Occu-pies

These are the things we now know do not one free-market make.

Guns (we've had them since Washington) -- Not one movement toward a free-society did they help to make.

Free-Speech -- Either we do not know the right words or free-speech does not beget a free-society. I'm hopeful that the former is true; that we do not know the right words.

I say let's try something NEW -- but I also find down-votes amusing, hahahaha.

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Talking is not action. It's talking. Action is action. That means DOING not jawboning.

While I do not necessarily disagree with the rest of what you write, as there is certainly a role for talking and the "pen", it is not action, no matter how you cut it.


So you're basically saying

So you're basically saying that the Declaration of Independence was not a political ACTION. Our Founding Fathers were just jawboning.

Come on bro.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The pledged their LIVES, honors and fortunes, then fought.

THAT'S action.

You're jawboning. That's NOT action.

How many PCs or county central committeemembers did you PERSONALLY recruit and ensure made it to all the required meetings prior to the conventions?

THAT'S action.

None? I thought so.

Until you are able to tell the difference between your OPINION (self-delusion) and reality, you're still asleep.

Action is action.

I run my own business and

I run my own business and actually PRODUCE products 60 hours a week, so I don't have the time to recruit political figures who don't really work or produce anything besids ideas at best.

Action is production. I produce products for a living, and sell them six days a week. You do not produce anything that is of any real tangible value, just like every cop, teacher, doctor, lawyer, politician, surgeon, etc. You are a NON PRODUCER.

Action is production, and production is action.

Produce something. Make something. Manufacture a product and then try to sell it. That's action.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Agree with that!


"Blogging is in-action under

"Blogging is in-action under Corporatism -- so far, it has lead to not one hair-breadth of a movement in the direction of liberty."

Are you serious? Have you had your head stuck up your own arse for the past 6 years? In late 2007, the original, "Tea Party," was born - has been co-opted since, but has led millions of people to question the 2 party system in America, AND helped spawn the Liberty Movement we see today - one that comprises about 20% of the republican vote. Ron Paul didn't have much hair, but he did create a movement in the direction of liberty.

"Guns (we've had them since Washington) -- Not one movement toward a free-society did they help to make."

If Americans didn't have the 2nd Amendment, the United States would have never been born, private property wouldn't exist, the middle class would have never been created, and you probably would not be able to blog away freely as you are right now if it were not for Americans using guns against the British.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

My argument was too simple or too complex -- but regardless

my point was not made.

Here's REALITY -- According to all Misesian and Rothbardian types -- according to Judge Napolitano (read his new book).

Reality -- We have been moving AWAY from liberty -- since 1790.

What was "liberty" in 1790 -- That "some" whites could vote (only men and not all men) -- no women could vote, no Indians, and no blacks (et al).

All black men and Indians could not "own" guns or could be told when and where they could possess them -- this should be obvious with slaves, though I'm sure there were some slaves allowed to hunt with guns, by-and-by, they could not own them or defend themselves.

100 years later blacks, women and Indians could still not vote and other than blacks I'm sure (not 100%) but women and Indians could not own guns or build a fortifiable armory in the same way white men could -- the later was definitely true for blacks.

My point is that NOT ALL Americans were "Free" during the period of time MOST Rothbardians like to "hark back" too (as a time of GREATER liberty then we have today).

Since then (since 1912 by most Misesian / Paulian types) our freedoms were being reduced, at a measured pace but reduced none-the-less.

When I say guns did not bring about any measureable freedom-for-all I mean just that -- as observed above over half of the population did not have the any rights or extremely less rights then poor whites and poor whites less "advantages" (afforded by gov't) as did wealthy whites.

If you cannot agree with that then there's no point in discussing (anything) and you will never eventually come to my Op-Thread conclusions.


Tea parties are alive and well.

We have 6 here in a 50 mi radius and 3 of them have more registered then the dem/rep memership combined.

I dont mean to be rude but just because MSNBC and dick army say they co opted the tea parties does not mean its true.
what is proof is that you havent heard a PEEP from MSM on tea parties for months. They are cloaked and do not pander or care who knows about them.
Just look at the recent gun rallies.
Who do think those people are??

Tea parties are fine- its them dem and republican parties that are losing memberships and money. Listen to the pundits. every once in a while you will hear someone like krauthammer say tea parties are the "future".

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

People here generally don't

People here generally don't really care about what one does not believe in.

What do you believe in? Peace? Prosperity? Freedom? Capitalism?

If that is so, then you should be well aware that those 4 cornerstones of America are under attack by a well rehearsed orchestra of lies.

What do I believe in?

That dirty rotten truth.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.