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Rand Paul Doesn't Have A Chance In 2016

At least not yet.

How are WE going to get ahead of the curve in each state in order to make sure every single Rand Paul vote is counted during the 2016 primary/caucus season?

How are WE going to make sure our votes aren't stolen by The Machine?

Every state needs to devise their own plans, but for the Love of God DON'T post your plans online!

E-mail conversations discussing strategy? NO!

Cellphone conversations discussing strategy? NO!

Posting to the Daily Paul talking about the latest strategy? No, no and no!

Texting? Might as well give the enemy our game plan.

"Are you serious?" Yes.

Do you really want to win? I do. So why discuss the Liberty Movement's actual plans over a bugged device like I'm doing now?

It's very early. Time is on our side for now, but those who matter most to the Liberty Movement MUST soon go UNDERGROUND to discuss the most important vital topics.

STOP talking on your cellphones about pertinent, sensitive information folks...we MUST act as if every single conversation and web posting is being recorded by the devil himself.

Seriously, as if we all already don't know how almost everything we do is tracked and traced, including this post.

So what's the solution? Pens, papers, stamps, FedEx, UPS, quiet conversations in areas where you know your television or an iphone can't listen to you, etc.

It's 2013, and those in positions of "power," within the Liberty Movement need to go off the grid, and on to the simplicity of pen and paper. The less we say, the more they don't know.

Written letters are hard to track and trace, just like cash.

Use "cash," to dethrone the king.

Rand "Paul," Revere's Pony Express.

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I disagree

Rand has fired the first two shots across the establishments' bow. The first aimed directly at Christie, the second at Boehner in SC for his retreat on the debt ceiling. He has the upper hand, and we have to keep it that way.

Our main obstacle is getting winner take all states to break up the delegates. That is how the establishment always wins. Funny that it is always the west coast and the northeast that gives us our republican candidate.

"He has the upper hand, and

"He has the upper hand, and we have to keep it that way."

What are you smoking, bro. Chris Christie is going to win the GOP primary. It's already decided. Haven't you learned anything in the last eight years?

(Rand's campaign might get him a cabinet position or something. But that's it.)

Rand's "shots" are no

Rand's "shots" are no different the conservative boilerplate of Hannity and Levin. He is becoming their butt-boy.

That is just ridiculous.


Why? When Rand takes on

Why? When Rand takes on Hannity and Beck (has he????), he will deserve respect.

one of the largest

messages that Ron Paul has spread is building coalitions.

Ron Paul's goal was to build

Ron Paul's goal was to build left-right-independent-socially liberal coalitions not marginalize himself as an adjunt to the declining and discredited Hannity-Beck-Levin faction in the GOP. Rand shows no interest in ability to build coalitions with independents or the left. He is painting himself into a small corner. Ron would never do that.

This comment may need its own thread..

If Rand Paul hires Jesse Benton, I highly doubt I will be able to get behind Rand in 16.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

There won't be much room for

There won't be much room for you back there with all the ass kissing going on.



Please do post this as its own thread.

Good idea.

Well...you have more faith in

Well...you have more faith in him than I do. This is the man who didn't lift a finger for his dad at the crucial state conventions and announced his support for Mitt on the radio show who had recently smeared his father as a racist. Most recently, he showed his true colors by kissing Likud ass in his visit to Israel. Ain't no way that I'll give him a dime.

be ready for when the he ball drops

if a candidate announces, and the secretary of state of your state releases ballot access petitions, print them out and start collecting early as possible. this differs state to state. And some are easy and some are really hard. and it depends on republican party vs. libertarian party.

I know this is hard to

I know this is hard to accept. But unless we find a way to fund a $100 million primary campaign its gonna be very hard to do a lot better than Ron. I'm not saying its impossible, but I believe we would be better served focusing on congressional seats. We can raise enough money to win seats in Congress.

The funding needs

to start now. Do we give to RandPac or his senate campaign? I don't know the legalities.

This is a Rand Paul pac

Secure Online Conversation

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Paranoia begets Paranoia

What is so refreshing about the Ron Paul supporters is all the people "coming out", so to speak.

I think that intelligent "loud and proud" speech is what the people/sheeple need to hear and do.

I became involved because of a very public message and call for regular people to enter their local politics and help Ron Paul.

The same could be done for Rand, or which-ever Liberty candidate comes to the forefront.

Win your GOP Precinct Captain

Win your GOP Precinct Captain position or County Committeeman position.

That's one strategy--control and takeover the GOP!

From now on when talking about Rand...

use his secret code name 'Vermin Supreme'.

Problem solved.

p.s. Go Rand! er, I mean, go Vermin Supreme 2016!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

So what you are saying

The Pen is mightier than the fraud !

Tin Pan

If the voting machines and

If the voting machines and electoral process is as rigged as you say it is (and I agree with you) then how exactly did Rand win his Senate race in 2010?


Rand was compromised the week before the win . The White House sent l a group to meet with Rand Paul.
Rand has power because he controls the tea party block and the liberty caucus but because he is a senator he is privy to classified White House breefings.
They would show someone secret info unless they thought they could trust him.
Why did Ron Paul loose his senate bid?
The fact is only senators usually become president not peasants like Ron.
Not congress men.
Something is very wrong and I am sure everybody can sense something is not being told to us.
Ron, Rand And the governments.
Rand has already stated that he knows the information but can't say.
He said the government is involved in gazillions of lies and secrets that he has heard in the breefings.
I would be suspect if he wins the presidency.

encryption, not isolation

what you suggest is easy to spy on and not effective for planning much of anything in this age. I suggest using modern tools such as tor, owncloud, roundcube, redphone, jitsi, and so on.

Get involved

Get involved locally...yesterday.


now is the time to get involved. You can make more headway before being political is 'cool'. If the American people understood how few people govern them.. well.. never mind. There is the TV after all.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I have news for you

None of us has a chance in 2016. Rome is burning.

The chances become better

The chances become better if you work diligently for 2014, midterm elections local/state. This is how we prepare. This is how we become stronger.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Ah, defeatism...

...thanks for that, extremely productive. /sarc

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

What seems like defeatism to you might seem like realism to others. All based on perspective.