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Rand Paul Doesn't Have A Chance In 2016

At least not yet.

How are WE going to get ahead of the curve in each state in order to make sure every single Rand Paul vote is counted during the 2016 primary/caucus season?

How are WE going to make sure our votes aren't stolen by The Machine?

Every state needs to devise their own plans, but for the Love of God DON'T post your plans online!

E-mail conversations discussing strategy? NO!

Cellphone conversations discussing strategy? NO!

Posting to the Daily Paul talking about the latest strategy? No, no and no!

Texting? Might as well give the enemy our game plan.

"Are you serious?" Yes.

Do you really want to win? I do. So why discuss the Liberty Movement's actual plans over a bugged device like I'm doing now?

It's very early. Time is on our side for now, but those who matter most to the Liberty Movement MUST soon go UNDERGROUND to discuss the most important vital topics.

STOP talking on your cellphones about pertinent, sensitive information folks...we MUST act as if every single conversation and web posting is being recorded by the devil himself.

Seriously, as if we all already don't know how almost everything we do is tracked and traced, including this post.

So what's the solution? Pens, papers, stamps, FedEx, UPS, quiet conversations in areas where you know your television or an iphone can't listen to you, etc.

It's 2013, and those in positions of "power," within the Liberty Movement need to go off the grid, and on to the simplicity of pen and paper. The less we say, the more they don't know.

Written letters are hard to track and trace, just like cash.

Use "cash," to dethrone the king.

Rand "Paul," Revere's Pony Express.

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Yeah, but

it isn't just a perspective. Looking at potential solutions out of gloomy situations can determine your success.

It's not simply about beauty. It's a means of strategy in succeeding.
Like if we're all doomed anyway, then why even bother discussing long-term solutions altogether, right? Get what i mean?

If someone truly believes

That there is in fact "no chance in 2016" (quoting him) then there really is no reason for them to pursue a long-term plan. Going back to the fact that yes, indeed, it is based on perspective.

If you believe our country has a future, run with it.
I, however, like others am pessimistic and scared. I plan on moving to Europe, that's my solution in ensuring I and my children have a future.

"I plan on moving to Europe"

Please hurry.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

There is no future is America falls

The globalist already control Europe it's hell out there.

I for one do believe America has a future

Maybe it's because i'm not scared and i like to look to the good side and the potential of things.

The US may have the best basic laws in the world.
I hope you realize that! If i were to be born there and found out about it, i would surely struggle for the founding principles and the law of this country!

If you plan on moving to Europe i don't want to discourage you for all the good things here, but keep in mind that if you run from Obamanoids, Keynesians, Neocons, Authoritarians, Socialists and Fascists, you're in for a rude awakening to the fact that this place is crowded with those ideologies, partially more than the US.

So i guess you're quite right, everything is based on perspective. But there's more than one perspective to everything too, and mine is that there is a future for all of us, but we need to stand up for it!!

I agree

Get involved with the grassroots activists in your state/area. Find out who these people are and get to know them. When election season comes, we definitely need to keep each states' strategy under wraps until we have secured our national delegates.

Prime example: In Massachusetts, we should have had roughly 75% of the delegates. When we first found out about the numbers, we had to go off bragging about it all over the internet. The Romney campaign realized that this could be a potential embarrassment, so it went into full force trying to strip our delegates.

Let's be patient and smart this time.

Sounds very good

Besides, the R3VOLution may by 2014 not need the kind of hasty/frantic internet announcements anyways. We're growing, persistent and patient.

Call numbers only if conclusive.


The 2016 cycle began March of 2012. We either need to get with the program RIGHT NOW or experience the loss and disappointment again.

I agree. I was referring to

MrSmit's remarks about the Mass. delegate allocation process during the 2012 primaries.

And I'm talking about the same for 2016.

The cycle for 2016 began March, 2012.

If our people have not become PCs or county central committee members ALREADY, they are 1 year late and better hop to it or we lose again.

Gruss Gott. :)

All right

seems like we're on the exact same page about this one

Servus, auf Wiederschaun ;)

We can do much better than

We can do much better than Rand!

I may agree with you.

But I have not ruled Rand out yet.

We must hold his feet to the fire, as we do all other elected officials. When the time comes, we will know.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

okay, give us a better

okay, give us a better alternative then....

holy crap.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

how about not wasting your time supporting the system

forget about politics

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Hello, Downvoted.

I agree with you. People who participate in the system, or think they do, support its continued unwarranted influence on our lives. I think we need to start a new system; abandon and ignore the old, leave it sitting there like a ghost town. We need to move on, to put our energy into better things. Sending our very best reps to London did nothing to assuage the foreign rule of Britain. Supporting DC politicians is the loyalist position. Let go.

We all know the fed has power over DC and never the other way around, by definition. Corporate interests are not going to release their choke-holds on liberty. Powermongers are not going to relinquish their quests to direct and control us and our money for political favor. People like us have been fighting these forces since before the Constitution was written. The whole system has to change. Saying what they give us is "all we have" never got anyone to the next best thing.

A downvote is a vote for timidity and the status quo. Sorry for the conviction. I am working on a better system. It is not yet ready for public consumption. Imagine what we could do if we all were, and that is the whole point, we should all be, if there is to ever be a real "government by the people."

At the moment

At the moment, that is all that there is. If we quit, as you suggest, we are at the whim of the majority.

We must continue to teach others who are misguided or still searching for leanings. As long as we continue to coexist with others, family, community, our Republic, it is our responsibility to guide them right.

Unless you choose to live an isolated life in the middle of nowhere.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


But even if you do live in the middle of nowhere, it pays to get involved and speak up. Nobody is that isolated to not be affected by majority rule.

You support the system...

...by not fighting it. If you're not trying to get pro-liberty politicians elected, you're not fighting the system. Those of you advocating agorism or "mass individual succession" or other alternatives to political action might as well be saying: tune in, turn on, drop out. You're cheering for apathy and inaction.

P.S. Re that "mass individual success," I always wonder: if you can get enough people to refuse to cooperate with the system, why can't you get those people to vote? Isn't it easier to convince someone to write a name on a ballot than to risk prison for tax evasion? ...Methinks you fellas haven't thought this one through.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


Methinks you are right :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

how about..

Ron Paul. ;)

Jesse Ventura?


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Tom Woods or Judge Napolitano?

I am sceptical about Rand. It's hard to tell if Rand is working his way into the mainstream as part of a strategy, but it really feels like he is being groomed by the establishment for a presidential run. How can we trust the character of someone that is trusted by those whose interests are most opposed to the decentralization of the federal government? We can't underplay the unbelievable task which we are going to ask of whoever we choose to represent us in the next election. Basically the question is: has Rand Paul been co-opted?

Keep him in check !

that's how u can trust him.

I understand the point of your post...

But don't agree that he "doesn't stand a chance yet". I know for a fact that Rand Paul 2016 offices have already been setup in Iowa and other places. Rand is taking Hillary to task about Benghazi right now as a strategic move forward to the next election. I would even say that if there were a Republican front-runner right now it's Rand. When you hear the status quo MSM and Zionist shills trying to prop up Jeb Bush as the only savior for the GOP, take that as an indicator that the establishment already fear what's coming soon.

Rand does not stand a chance

Rand does not stand a chance YET, because most of those in the know are still acting as if our daily communications aren't already watched by Big Brother.

For Christ's sake, it's admitted that our televisions and cellphones can literally spy on us. Every single e-mail, and every single cellphone conversation is recorded, "open sourced," "Cloud," like material ripe for picking. It's 2013, but many of us still act as if it's still 1983 in technological terms.

I am NOT saying that we should all stop posting our thoughts and origninal material online, but I AM saying that certain people in positions within the Liberty Movement should go about their ways more secretively in the coming years ahead.

We want to win the political Super Bowl, right?

We can't do it by broadcasting our communications about the gameplan out loud over the political and technological, "Cloud," that has been hanging over America since Reagan was shot.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Spying is moot.

Work for local/state. That is how we become strong. That is how we prepare for 2016.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

they are spying on you too

seriously. bugged houses and all. local politics is brutal.

I do recommend encrypting all your private political email. There are encrypted chat programs like cryptocat too.

For those of you running major campaigns with data and communications then the data should also be encypted and your website should be using encryption back and forth too.

On the other hand, there is something very satisfying about winning out in the open, with transparency. Win in plain sight. I like it.

Start with the basics.



Are you a GOP PC or county central committee member?

In February it will be 1 year since the 2016 cycle began.

So, if you are not ALREADY a PC or county central committee member, then you are already 1 year late.

It's never too late to get started, but you need to know the data and facts and the fact is the 2016 cycle began Feb/Mar 2012.