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EPJ: Jesse Benton's Attempt to Co-Opt the Liberty Movement Continues

Jesse Benton is out with a new Mitch McConnell fund raising letter, attempting to put McConnell in the hardcore anti-gun control camp. This is total BS, Wikipedia details exactly where MConnell has been on gun control:

McConnell has supported several gun control measures put forth by Democrats, including the 1991 Crime Bill S.1241 (see U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote here) sponsored by then senator Joseph Biden, that instituted a national waiting period for handgun purchases as well as a federal ban on semi-automatic firearms.[15] In 1998, McConnell voted for Barbara Boxer's Trigger Lock Amendment 3230 (see U.S. Senate Roll Call Vote here), which required the purchase of a trigger lock with the sale of each handgun.

McConnell and Benton are just being opportunists with this letter. Also note Jesse's mention of Rand Paul in the letter. It's an attempt to even further co-opt the liberty movement by implying that McConnell is part of it. Rand Paul appears ready to compromise on just about any issue, but for McConnell it's not about compromise, he is a statist, opportunist from the start.

Here's the full disgusting letter.

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The point is, McConnell thinks HE NEEDS RAND TO WIN.


Former shoo-in fossilized Establishment Senator McConnell apparently has internal polling that tells him he can't get re-elected without the Liberty vote. Hence, his hiring of Benton and his suck-uppage to 2nd Amendment and Rand Paul supporters.

This is what's known as "winning," folks, a concept so alien to some of you that you can't see the forest for the trees.


"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

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“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Jesse Benton = TOTAL DWEEB


Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!

Some of you have created....

...this image in your minds of Jesse Benton as some kind of evil Rasputin-like schemer, but have you considered the possibility that Jesse Benton might just be a professional? That he's doing this for a living, not for any political reason one way or the other? That's my opinion. He's not a traitor, because he was never really with us ideologically. Contrary to many people here, I think he did quite a good job during the campaign. I don't any of his detractors would have done any better. But I also don't think he was a devoted libertarian or Paulite: he was just working for money (and there's nothing wrong with that), and now he has a new job.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

His job title requires having a political reason

Would it be logical to hire liberal democrat for a conservative republican campaign? Plausible, certainly, but not logical. Political bias is too strong. To ignore it is to be blind.

professional DOUCHE

he's a professional DOUCHE.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

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A professional 'what' is the question?

There are already a sufficient number of professionals of his ilk in politics. No more are needed. None at all are needed in the Liberty Movement, IMO.

A Rhetorical Victory is Still a Victory.

There are two types of people in washington. Those who stand on principal, and those who pretend to stand on principal because it is politically expedient to do so. Of the two types, there are far more of the latter.

You can criticize Mitch McConnell for "not really being pro-gun", but I doubt he truly cares about any more of his previous pro gun-control votes than he does now care about his new found affinity for the second amendment. What he cares about is getting elected, and Jesse Benton is helping him figure out what combination of issues is most likely to do that.

Despicable? Yes. But also completely irrelevant. Our task is not build a principled coalition of pro-liberty candidates. That's very difficult, very expensive, and the nation will go bankrupt before we ever get the job done. Our near term objective is to get the GOP establishment to "talk dirty to us". To convince them that the only way they get elected is to pay lip service to the principles of Liberty. Once they start doing that, then the sheep that follow them will start thinking along the same lines. Once that happens, the door is open for true liberty candidates to start winning elections by the boatload.

Well said


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Thats it.

Ive stuck up for Jesse for long enough. Take a hike shit for brains.

Jesse seeks power and influence. I imagine him as the Lee Atwater of our movement,(something I wanted to be, btw) but sinister. I wanted a Lee Atwater that would win by any means necessary and do it for LIBERTY.

The irony is that Jesse essentially lost the election but was hired by McConnel.

Fuck you Jesse Benton.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Jesse Benton IS a hard-core

Jesse Benton IS a hard-core anti-gun, and since McConnell is now Benton's puppet, that means McConnell is as well.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Dear Dr Paul

Q. How in the heck did you get snookered by this smarmy little weasel?

I explained this in May.

"Family can be infiltrated, too.
Submitted by fishyculture on Wed, 05/16/2012 - 08:55. Permalink

RP has been a "problem" for powerful people for decades - they had time to breed and raise someone to prey on his family.
I know my son-in-law was a light in my life for nearly ten years, now I fear for my daughter and grandchildren every day. When your child (or grandchild) tells you they love someone, you overlook a lot until you are forced to see it."


My question.... Does Dr. Paul see it yet?

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Bumping shall commence

I consider it highly important we track Jesse's movements.

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Who can primary McConnell?

Who can primary McConnell?


After the crap he has pulled, one would think the only thing JB can co-opt is a mayonnaise and cheese pie.

JB is a highly paid pitchman.

He has never been for liberty or been about promoting liberty.

He still isn't. How can one have liberty without truth and transparency?

Free includes debt-free!

His primary objective is to

His primary objective is to fill his own cake-hole while spinning fantasies for his political bosses. I wouldn't hire hire him to do anything more complicated than gut and clean fish... and I'd have to take inventory to make sure he wasn't eating into my profits.

If his current job doesn't work out, I understand Bob's Big Boy wants him to stand in front of their restaurants holding a giant plastic hamburger.