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Propaganda, Firearms & Bad Legislation

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Think about it, they have the money to take YOUR guns, but not to pay their own bills? No sir, this is not a coincidence. This is a sinister and overt plan. They want your guns and this is the "Smoking Gun" to prove that point as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so aptly wrote in the Sherlock Holmes Novels of the 1800's. It shows how truly desperate they are, and it clearly displays their true intentions. and that is TO DISARM YOU!

As of late, we see even more hypocrisy from Mr. Obama. He wants YOUR guns, but signs into law lifetime armed security for himself. Guess who pays for that? Yeah, that's right, YOU do. Lately, even the ever so plump Governor of New Jersey (Chris Christie) suggested that it is somehow unfair, or more accurately "Reprehensible" for the NRA to use an ad that focuses on politicians' use of Armed security to protect their children, but they want to restrict YOUR ability to do the same. He states that politicians have "No Choice", but I submit to you that they do, and they refuse to get rid of armed security because they know their children are safer with firearms protecting them. They lack the strength of their convictions and want nothing more than to control you, period.

More Gun Control Bills?

We have even seen many more draconian Legislation proposed lately. Haven't seen it? How about GPS on all firearms as suggested by Anthony Petruccelli in Bill S.224 currently in the Massachusetts Legislature? Or how about H.R. 226? Yes, This particular one is offering as much as $2,000 in the form of tax credits over the course of 2 years to anyone that turns in their guns. Sounds Desperate huh? It is.

How do we stop this madness?

There is only one way to stop this Treasonous behavior, assertion of States Rights. If they want to keep throwing Treasonous legislation trying to undermine the Constitution they swore to uphold and defend, then we need to prevent them from using this tactic. Recently TX, Rep Steve Toth has introduced the "Firearms Protection Act" that puts teeth into protecting YOUR gun rights buy making anyone trying to enforce a Federal Gun Ban face Felony Charges.

They posture themselves in debates, putting themselves on pedestals, and painting you into a corner. They pull on heartstrings to achieve political gain. They use mass Media to brainwash your family, friends and neighbors into going along with the expansion of a snitch culture they need to accomplish their goals. They push their Collectivist, Marxist, Fascist & Communist ways upon those same people in the hopes of taking YOUR rights away and forcing you to become dependant on the all mighty Govt that they want to control everything.

"Government is not reason, but eloquence. And like fire it is a dangerous servant, and fearful master." - George Washington

"Dissent is the Highest Form of Patriotism" - Thomas Jefferson

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