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Video: Protesters plan demonstrations for RNC meeting in Charlotte


The Republican National Committee will meet in uptown Charlotte starting Wednesday to lay out the party's strategy going forward.

The group will be met by protesters who told Eyewitness News they don't like where the party is headed, and they are demanding changes.

"Grassroots is the blood of the Republican Party, they are the reasons why we win elections," said Daniel Rufty.

Rufty served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention last year and is now helping to organize a protest against the Republican National Committee when it meets in Charlotte this week.

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Great coverage

I will be there at the protest. Thanks for the heads up. They need to pay for what they did to us at the RNC.

sure is


Rufty is in the news a lot lately!

I first met him in a Ron Paul meetup group. We rode together to DC to protest the IRS and the FED in 2008. He is really stirring things up in NC!

I commend him.