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Disarm the Masses Globally and Set the Stage for Future Incarceration of "Mentally Ill" Vets and Dissenters

It is not just the USA but other nations as well that are being set up to be disarmed of guns, and in China knives have to registered now! Even the Swiss who have no history of homicides are being set up for Gun control because a "crazy" started shooting people, and now an armed Canadian is in the news for going "crazy" and shooting up a court house. Russia just had a "crazy" shoot three people. Red Croatia is already incarcerating "nationalist", or dissenters, in asylums. Think again about US vets being picked up and labelled mentally ill.

The stage is being set. Disarm the people of the world and incarcerate vets and dissenters in asylums. Who wants to do this? And WHY? A communist fascist regime wants to rule the world. Well that is an ambitious undertaking. Doubt if the world will go quietly along with the agenda. But then again look at how controlled the Chinese are in Communist China...and look at the destruction of the Middle East. There are powerful monied forces behind these events and mind control via the media is hard to resist. You can bet your life they want America like Communist China, controlled and living in fear of being picked up without a warrant or trial, and executed. But that could never happen in America. After all there are laws...oh yeah, and executive orders.

The following are just media headlines linking mass killings with mental illness and pushing weapons ban. The media may lie, but they have a PATTERN that can be traced in topics they emphasize.

United States http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/12/22/connecticut-killi..
"Ironically, a Connecticut mental health bill calling for changes that could have taken someone like shooter Adam Lanza off the streets was defeated earlier this year in the state legislature. The bill would have allowed the state to commit someone if there was a reason to think that would prevent them from harming others."

Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill http://occupycorporatism.com/obama-executive-order-will-nati...

Red Croatia http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Communist_use_of_psychiatric_ho...
It is happening in the 21st century in the new Red Croatia in the largest Psychiatric clinic Vrapce some psychiatrists, agents of Red police are incarcerating nationalists."

Russia http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1309907--gunman-ki...
Unemployed mentally ill man using army rifle (?) kills three.
The country’s firearms laws are relaxed, but haven’t led to a high gun homicide rate. They have, however, raised concern about a high incidence of firearms suicides. (Guess any EXCUSE to disarm Swiss will do.)

China http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/339118#ixzz2IQpgoSpr
On the same day 20 children were gunned down at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT., 22 children at a school in China were stabbed by a mentally ill 36-year-old man

Canada http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2013/01/21/philippines-ca...
Canadian gunman kills 2 in Philippine court. The shooting came after several recent killings in the country that prompted calls for a tighter gun control.

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There is a HUGE push to get vets "the help they need"

And that's presumably whether they think they need any help or not. It won't be long before any counseling for anything constitutes mental illness barring veterans and eventually anyone from touching guns. Or that vets are "deemed" mentally ill and barred from firearms if they suffer a head injury. It's coming from a thousand different directions. All gun control has to be fought in a thousand different venues.

BTW, anti-Prozac kooks (who seem to be very prevalent at the DP) aren't helping with claims that the pill turns people into mass murders--next thing you know, anybody taking any psychiatric drug will be deemed mentally ill, too, by the tyrannical state and also barred from gun ownership.

Also see by same DP author:

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

War vet to fight court ruling to strip him of gun rights


A Vietnam war veteran declared Monday that he will fight a decision by a federal appeals court that upheld a lower court ruling stripping him of his Second Amendment right to self-defense with firearms.

Jefferson Wayne Schrader of Cleveland, Ga. is a Navy veteran who in 1968 was convicted of a misdemeanor after engaging in a fist fight following an attack by a street gang while stationed in Annapolis, Md... Maryland had changed its laws since 1968, meaning that anyone charged with an assault misdemeanor would be treated as if they had been convicted for a felony ... what had been a simple misdemeanor in 1968 became a felony in 2013, and now not only is Schrader being treated as a convicted felon but he can be denied his gun rights based upon that felony.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Lets bring another loose end into this braid

See the thread about the 5 year old getting a psyche eval for pointing her bubble gun at another kid? Please go find my response there about "crazy checks."
FIVE YEAR OLD CHILDREN will be diagnosed before anyone in the family realizes what they have done - prevented that child from EVER owning a firearm. And.... prevented anyone who ever lives with them from owning one....
It is not us, not even our kids, but our grandkids who will reap what we are sewing today. They will be left defenseless, because when they were 5 they pissed off some adult...

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

This is so very clever. It goes on at every level and

the idea is to brain wash an entire new generation to the ruler's way of thinking, as was done to Hitler's children.

Little snippets of news appear here and there to give an idea of how deep and vast the planning. Never doubt this is a well planned agenda following the Communist Manifesto. It is Nazi Germany all over again but this time on a global level. Colossal arrogance makes them believe they are entitled to rule over others.

This is all about INTERNET CONTROL & incarceration

of anyone who is against what is happening in D.C. and who is posting, blogging, etc. against it. Political dissidents are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, but how can they fight trumped-up NDAA crap?

This has NOTHING to do with "terrorists" and EVERYTHING to do with the elimination of any protester who influences others through blogging or other means that will upset the Banker Billionaire families who control our political prostitutes via lobbyist pimps, etc.

Boehner, Pelosi, all of them--who do they think they are kidding? These parasites have no morals and no sense of right versus wrong anymore, and if they did at one time, it's been gone decades ago.

So, I shudder at the thought what these elitist power controllers will do in an effort to eliminate their politically disident tagged enemies. It won't be all Vets, only the ones who have woken up and who comprehend what has happened to our country. These powermongers are so paranoid. 99.99% of all awakened Americans are peaceful, loving, and highly intelligent people who would never harm any of these politicians or elites. These 99% only want these people to retire...but, we know that won't happen as they thirst for more money, more fame, more power over the plebes.

So, what do we do? Perhaps we leave this country, unless we have a Sheriff of Chief of Police willing to not enforce these fascist dictates of theft in taking our guns which is the only thing that upsets the powermongers. Why? They know they could destroy and obliterate any or all of us with their own arsenals and bombs and mercenaries, but it would be very messy and might ignite other states to fight. They don't want these "unintended consequences".

But, this government has nothing to fear from the "people", nothing at all...they are just paranoid and need to just get over it!

IF you want to see things change,

you got to take action yourself, if it comes down to running for sheriff yourself, then so be it, just an example



Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html



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We are all crazy now.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Thanks excellent related thread.

: +1