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Youtube: "Just try and make your own gun"

What is YouTube's problem? Day after day, this is the main video recommended for me. I feel like they are trying to frame me or something. "Put that on pseudo's dossier! 'Looks at videos about how to make weapons from scratch!'"

Is YouTube just idiotic, or malicious here?

Anyone else getting that video? Anyone else annoyed?

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is ran by google,google spies on everyone
the DP uses google,for the non paying here,
if they look at this or that,it appears on this site
they keep track of everything that gets read or looked at
I recently had to update my utube acct,had to give a Gmail
i didn't even have( made one up),gave a fake name

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So change it.

I watched some 3D printing videos last week and this week I'm inundated with them.

Now I'm going on a hunt for some lingerie ads to click on. At least my spammy videos will be pleasant. :O

yup...i get that one

I haven't watched it, but it has been the top recommended video for about a week now. Something like " Make a coil gun..." or something like that. Shows a guy holding some sort of red spool of wire. I won't click on it.

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That's freaky weird.

I do watch lots of gun videos, but most of the vids I've watched lately had to do with classical music and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

Then suddenly this video shows up and does not go away. I checked it out, though, and it's odd... the guy who made the video is clearly anti-gun, while demonstrating the principle behind a coilgun (magnetic weapon). Though to be fair, the unibrow dance is quite funny.

Sounds Like

a good video to watch! Hahaha. No but seriously, it's just how the adware programs work. It takes stuff you watch and picks up other stuff with the same subject. Just like if you look at an ad online you get LOADS of banners for ads about the same thing everywhere you go. Don't fret over it.


me too

i watched some random gun videos maybe last week and it's been suggesting that to me as well, it does seem like bait! if there's a list to be put on then i think that just by watching any gun videos at all and being a member here it's probably safe to say we're already on that 'liberty lovers' list. it is an incredibly suggestive suggestion for youtube to make though.

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I think it's deliberate and comes from some kind of agenda

to build a case against people, based on what videos they watch. I can't think of any other reason why they would put out "bait" like that.

I can't even think of any gun-related videos I watched, except maybe AJ on Piers Morgan.

So...what's the agenda behind

Youtube recommending me George Carlin videos and PS3 game reviews?

If someone wanted to build a case against you using your online activities, they'd do more than just look up what videos a website recently recommended to you. What's another straw on the Camel's back, eh?

Also, the fact that the AJ/Piers video is so popular may lend to the fact that YT recommends more gun-related vids. I know if I watch a viral video, I'll get almost nothing but stuff related to it for weeks, regardless of what else I watch.

EDIT: Browsing history and/or cookies/adware may or may not play a part as well. Not sure about that yet.

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me too

Been there for days, I watched a few FPSRussia videos right after that story broke, the only "shoot 'em up" videos I have ever watched. I've watched hours and hours of other topics since then, but still youtube thinks my top pick is that one.
I have not, and will not, watch. Thanks anyway.

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All it recommends to me are

Peter Schiff videos... What? They think I want to be smart about money or something?

Uh um...Could I get a link to that video?


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its not malicious - but it is by design

They are digging into the sea of words in the world and recommending youtube videos that correlate according to an algorithm that finds related data sets. These sets are determined by a number of factors, but mostly from your viewing history, and finding terms that commonly appear together elsewhere in Google's universe of data.

Google used to have a Labs project available called 'google sets'. If you typed a couple words it would suggest other words that it guessed to be in the same category, or having the highest correlation to that existing set. They discontinued this project but it still exists as a little known feature in Google's web based spreadsheet app.

I wouldn't be surprised if youtube recommended 'home made gun' videos for anyone who watches videos from dailypaul - especially since many of the videos are 'pro 2nd amendment' and all of the recent news posted here about 3D printed gun parts. There is obviously a common thread.

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It biases your suggestions

based on what you've viewed.

I can view some strange topic out of the blue and for days or weeks, I get related suggestions.

I can't think of what I might have watched that would

produce this suggestion. Except sometimes I let my toddlers play on my computer and they click away from Thomas the Tank Engine and somehow end up looking at stuff written in Arabic, until I get back from the bathroom or whatever to check on them.

Who knows WHAT that stuff is.

I'm a little disappointed that I'm the only one getting this suggestion...I had thought it was more generalized to all Paulites or something.


It's the TANK! Hahaha again.



That's actually probably it!!! LOL but oh cr*p!