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CO State ex-IMF/World Bk Judge Steals Child Citing Mother is "'Sovereign Citizen/Constitutionalist"

America becomes more unbelievable everyday.
A woman who worked for the IMF and World Bank was placed as a judge by CO ex-gov Ritter and proceeded to hold a kanagroo court to steal Stact Lynne's child because Ms Lynne was enlightening citizens about Agenda 21 and ICLEI.

At 10:35 she states that her child was taken from her because she is a 'sovereign citizen' and a few seconds later says she is also accused of being a Constitutionalist.


"Stacy Lynne of Larimer County (Ft. Collins), Colorado, has been desperately alerting her community to the ICLEI form of totalitarianism which has been systematically invading her community for the past 18 years. Now, she finds herself the continued victim of political retaliation in which her child has been stolen from her for daring to reveal the truth about the evils of Agenda 21...

The triumvirate consisting of former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, globalist Judge Julie Field and globalist Pat Stryker’s ICLEI interests, have been involved in a series of “amazing coincidences”, which culminated in the neutralization of Stacy Lynne as their main ICLEI/Agenda 21 opponent. This was accomplished by the stealing of Lynne’s son in one of the biggest miscarriages of justice ever witnessed in a family court. All three parties are inextricably tied to ICLEI/Agenda 21 interests. The conflicts of interests between Ritter, Field, Stryker interests, and ultimately the 8th District Court of Larimer County are numerous and a matter of public record."

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I know there are people in Colorado who read the DP. What can be done to help this woman?

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anyone have an update?

I missed this thread the first time around but stumbled upon it and can't stop thinking about it. Have tried to find an update but the only thing I found was a video the father has posted showing the camper the little is living in, riding horses etc. As though to convince everyone it's okay for the govt to steal children.

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"They say I have declared myself a sovereign citizen

...I have not declared myself a sovereign citizen...the reason they say this is to portray me as a terrorist."


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any updated news?

This is real disturbing...

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Here is Lynne's presentation on

Here is Lynne's presentation on the attempt to make the city more "green" (very informative):


She really knows her stuff. Very credible (and spooky.)


Child Peddling Services.
This is horrific. Unfortunately, "horrific" does not seem to bother anyone any more. My friend was assaulted in her home by a SWAT team, coming to check on her "welfare" after a neighbor phoned in a bogus domestic dispute call. The entire warrantless search and brutalization of her and her husband is on video. No one cares, not even locally.

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