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Colorado Libertarian Self-Sustained Community - Lots $700/DN - Deed In-Hand After No-Interest Payments

The land is already purchased. Spectacular views. River access. Large enough area/population potential to establish our own recognized TOWNSHIP government re-establishing the constitution as the law of the land and common law being the way controversy is decided.

1) Mind your own business.
2) If you can't mind your own business... at least take your neighbor's business to your neighbor first.
3) Handle things with a jury of peers from the community if one and two fail you.

Now these lots are 1/4 acre - $1,400 - 4 lots gets you by basic standards on municipal code for a septic system - after we have established our local governance however municipal codes would not even be able to be presented via deception because the presumption they apply would be rebutted by our government of the people - in law - and filed into that county's records.

1) Virtual elimination of outside interference in community affairs.
2) Aside from your up front acknowledgement of the general guidelines (see sample above 1-2-3) which binds us all together with the community that we will not INVITE outside interference into our affairs - you have complete freedom.
3) Productivity increase up to 900% - imagine what you can do when 90% of your labor energy is not being waysted on bankster banquet tables?

If you would like to be part of a community that seeks to be both self-sustained without having to be "communistic" in nature and are tight on cash... I MAY -> MAY be able to get you in for $700 on a quarter acer with the REMAINDER TO BE PAID INTEREST FREE in 6 months.

So that's it... the price of freedom from a majority of tyranny out there is just $700 up front - while supplies last.

There are roughly a total of 100 lots. Let me know if you are interested in getting more information and I can set up a three way skype call so that you can interview the owner. I may consider a talkshoe however certain sensitive information cannot be released until local governance has been established in law - for obvious reasons.

We're just a group of folks that wish to be left alone. No talk of violence going on here. Peaceful independence comes from being ALLOWED to be self-sufficient by those that would much rather you were dependent on a system they feed off of.

I look forward to hopefully filling up these lots for someone I consider an accomplished patriot who is doing the rights things. When the SHTF - it is your local community that will largely decide whether you live or die. There's just no simpler a way to put it than that IMO.

If you would like to participate in the local governance before physically moving, thereby ensuring you know what rules apply with full and honest disclosure, get with us ASAP and we can get you to work with us right away on making sure your concerns are addressed in YOUR government.


P.S. So we are CLEAR - you could likely have some sort of interum deed to the property until the remainder is paid - at which time 6 months later you will have a warranted deed and full rights, title and interest to the property. Simply put: $700 and hitch up your home and bring it to Colorado and let's get started on our survival plan with respect to what is potentially brewing on the horizon.

This is for brave and free people. If that's you I'm talking to... I would be honored if you would join us.

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That's classified.

National Security Purposes.

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A few questions...

And I skipped through a portion of the post so I apologize if this was addressed and I missed it.

In most of Colorado, you are required to own greater than 5 acres of land to drill for a well. Are current utilities and water provided for?

In addition, the question I just asked itself proves that this is no libertarian haven, any more than an Amish community is. In fact, far less libertarian than an Amish community. Those "throwback" communities are actually 100% off grid, and have agreements in place with the US government to avoid taxation and many of the standard laws.

It would be like opening a 10 acre plot of land dedicated to Capitalism in Communist China. You would still have to bend a knee and obey the communists and therefore not gain anything from the deal.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

As far as I know

in order to please outside entities before we would have a "township" level government recognized... in that particular area you need at least one acre for a well and septic.

I can pose the question however...

wolfe's picture

Thank you...

I am curious, at least. I tend to not be interested in most of these types of things and look at them in less than a favorable light, but I will give this/you the benefit of the doubt this time and will keep an eye on it.

Other questions, would be the same basic questions I would have purchasing any property, such as proximity to nearby towns, size of them, hunting/fishing rights and mineral rights.

Most Colorado land (actually, not just Colorado) has also sold off hunting and mineral rights seperately from the land, and so it is a concern.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Don't know if you already sent me a message...

but if you do I will forward your contact information to the owner. I'm pretty sure the mineral rights thing is an issue... the deed did not sound like it had ANY encumbrances besides perhaps some kind of county codes.

For some reason, I don't trust these libertarian "utopias"

Others can make up their own minds.

You're not required

to participate. That's another nice thing about freedom ;-) I can probably answer just about any debate question regarding the necessity of limiting freedom in any way.

Freedom always seems to be the right answer.

jrd3820's picture

You don't trust them, for some reason?

It's because utopias eventually turn into dystopias.

That being said, I also wish everyone the best in their pursuit of happiness.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

Please set up a simple ....

...wordpress website detailing where this land is located in CO, a map of the lots, photographs of said lots, including access road map, proof of deed, and a "click to buy." At $700 per lot I'll buy 10 lots tomorrow.

There is already a site set up.

What would you be looking to do with the 10 lots? Feel free to send me a message... and basically here it is: It's my thread... I have been researching this community... in Colorado btw... for probably 6 months. The owner is a good guy and definitely doesn't want someone who might be looking to basically own the entire community. I would like to screen folks first to make sure they've got the non-aggression principle down pat first ... ya know?

...and consider my "pickyness" as a reason you might want to give this community a second look. There are already a few people who own lots there and to be honest I don't know if he has it half sold off or not yet. I hadn't talked to him in about two months but it definitely didn't sound like he was selling out any time soon.

The DP response has been pretty awesome however.

Doing this in OK

If anyone is nearby they should holler at me.

At what elevation is the land? What area of CO? I'd like to visit and build some permaculture with ya'll.

Been trying not to give up that part

until I've been able to talk with folks on the phone. Bear with me as I'm trying to decide who I want living next to me and perhaps having to depend on them to save my life at some point.

Ya know? lol... Okay I'll toss a hint out: It's got a great view of the mountains and it is ON the Colorado river (prob said too much already now).

Weather-wise unfortunately they do have winters sometimes as bad as up north.

I think we need to outlaw ignorance.

I think we need to perhaps modify the 1st amendment in our community. I think we should outlaw ignorance. If you are caught speaking ignorantly and thereby spreading ignorance... you need to be jailed in a library with full internet access and required to remain there until you either apologize for being ignorant (sincerely) or find evidence to back up your claims thereby proving you were not making unsubstantiated claims. A jury of peers could preside over it - just need one out of 12 jurors to go your way and you're sprung.

Claims are a serious thing. Society is run by criminals who make unsubstantiated claims.

Will the 11 other jurors have to go to jail

for being ignorant about that which the guy was jailed for being ignorant for in the first place?
I like your idea, but I have a feeling Colorado is not going to be the place to be in the foreseeable future.

What do you foresee?

Do tell?

Don't compost human waste for fertilizer

I believe the issue with human waste for fertilizer has to do with the fact that we eat meat. Same reason you don't want to use dog or cat waste in your garden.

Getting off toxic Monsanto food products won't change this fact. The only way to fix this would be to have everyone in the community become a vegetarian, and I sure as hell wouldn't want to live there if I'm not free to eat a steak.

peace + liberty = prosperity

I was thinking the meat issue

would be a problem. I know when composting you don't generally want to (that's what I was taught anyway) put proteins in with the compost. I was told that's only because you don't want to attract rats however?

You can use it on flowers

and other non-food crops. You want to be careful not to contaminate your food garden or water supply, but you can compost it.
Black soldier flies can handle the dog and cat poop.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

It's like this...

There are billions of animals and possibly trillions of insects and birds on this planet pooping and pissing all over it every day. Nature seems to have no problem handling it.

There must be some simple natural solution with dealing with waste. Obviously the main issue is going back to the same spot/bathroom every time we go... in the wild animals spread it around... go in different places.

even animals

don't shit where they eat, as the saying goes. Don't tell me - I know a person whose dog eats its turds, too. Dogs been hanging around people too long.. lol!
If you put your dogs and cats on a raw food diet, their poop is supposedly compostable. I suppose a human on a raw diet might be the same, but... Viruses and bacteria that are peculiar to humans are simply at risk of being passed that way. Biology is... Fecal matter is a vector of transmission, and human poo is the most likely to carry human-loving pathogens.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Not looking to attract too many flies.

It's the first time I've actually tackled the issue of waste disposal in a natural self-sustained setting. You core issue is how do you deal with the solids... initially some form of composting... and then perhaps neutralizing of certain acids in the soil for fertilizing purposes. Dunno would need to do some experiments and perform some research. Once giving the opportunity to do testing in a FREE SOCIETY I'm sure we would come up with the best solutions.

The free market has a way of doing that.

Compost solids?

Use the methane for energy.

Good idea

any more information on that you want to point us to?

There are methane plants being built

that are composting vegetation from entire cities; London Ontario is one I know of. They get enough methane to run their fleet of big waste management trucks and use the compost for fertilizer. You can also use composting toilets and use a method to collect the gas for energy.



Look into the stuff people tell you about

before you dismiss it, goofball, or you will spend a lot of time going in circles to reinvent the wheel. I would not have mentioned the black soldier flies if I had not looked into it. You won't "attract flies" like the way you are worried about. If you are going to try to deal with dog and cat poop on site, this is at least among the best options:

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

How dare you call me a "goofball"

I choose to call myself "vincent" so perhaps you weren't even talking to me... oh wait maybe you mistakenly put that reply on the wrong comment...

That's it fishy I'm gonna have to take you off the list of prospects...

Yup no name-calling I think that is a good Libertarian rule.

thats why I have

my own queendom. I pronounce thee, "Goofball."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You must have me confused

with some defendant of yours.



I'd totally do it but I'm

I'd totally do it but I'm afraid they already have too many lawyers. I have a huge family in my home state so that helps with clients.