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Colorado Libertarian Self-Sustained Community - Lots $700/DN - Deed In-Hand After No-Interest Payments

The land is already purchased. Spectacular views. River access. Large enough area/population potential to establish our own recognized TOWNSHIP government re-establishing the constitution as the law of the land and common law being the way controversy is decided.

1) Mind your own business.
2) If you can't mind your own business... at least take your neighbor's business to your neighbor first.
3) Handle things with a jury of peers from the community if one and two fail you.

Now these lots are 1/4 acre - $1,400 - 4 lots gets you by basic standards on municipal code for a septic system - after we have established our local governance however municipal codes would not even be able to be presented via deception because the presumption they apply would be rebutted by our government of the people - in law - and filed into that county's records.

1) Virtual elimination of outside interference in community affairs.
2) Aside from your up front acknowledgement of the general guidelines (see sample above 1-2-3) which binds us all together with the community that we will not INVITE outside interference into our affairs - you have complete freedom.
3) Productivity increase up to 900% - imagine what you can do when 90% of your labor energy is not being waysted on bankster banquet tables?

If you would like to be part of a community that seeks to be both self-sustained without having to be "communistic" in nature and are tight on cash... I MAY -> MAY be able to get you in for $700 on a quarter acer with the REMAINDER TO BE PAID INTEREST FREE in 6 months.

So that's it... the price of freedom from a majority of tyranny out there is just $700 up front - while supplies last.

There are roughly a total of 100 lots. Let me know if you are interested in getting more information and I can set up a three way skype call so that you can interview the owner. I may consider a talkshoe however certain sensitive information cannot be released until local governance has been established in law - for obvious reasons.

We're just a group of folks that wish to be left alone. No talk of violence going on here. Peaceful independence comes from being ALLOWED to be self-sufficient by those that would much rather you were dependent on a system they feed off of.

I look forward to hopefully filling up these lots for someone I consider an accomplished patriot who is doing the rights things. When the SHTF - it is your local community that will largely decide whether you live or die. There's just no simpler a way to put it than that IMO.

If you would like to participate in the local governance before physically moving, thereby ensuring you know what rules apply with full and honest disclosure, get with us ASAP and we can get you to work with us right away on making sure your concerns are addressed in YOUR government.


P.S. So we are CLEAR - you could likely have some sort of interum deed to the property until the remainder is paid - at which time 6 months later you will have a warranted deed and full rights, title and interest to the property. Simply put: $700 and hitch up your home and bring it to Colorado and let's get started on our survival plan with respect to what is potentially brewing on the horizon.

This is for brave and free people. If that's you I'm talking to... I would be honored if you would join us.

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Acreage in Texas is even cheaper than that when you buy in bulk!

I posted this further below...

I mean if we're playing this game of "let's all pitch in some money and buy a lot of land to start our own community", which is a fun game I admit, we can get a whole lot more bang for our buck in Texas! Plus the laws are more friendly to our cause!


If only 100 of us put in $1000/ea, we could each get 6.4 acres near Big Bend National Park!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


I might be down with that

I might be down with that actually

Like this idea.

It would be encouraging to see communities like this pop up all over the country, which could cause them to spread to all over the world..Be the change you want to see.Be the 'shining light on the hill".:)

That's the main

idea. I can bring a few of the law professionals that I work with on a regular basis and help people learn about law and how knowledge of the law insures your rights will be respected.

Basically all that is needed is some warm bodies who have a liberty mindset to pack their bags. If we can make it happen then we could do some promotional youtubes for how we went through our motions and how life is pretty great when you live in a "non-aggression principle" founded community.

gatta get a degree (for some

gatta get a degree (for some reason)... then moving to Texas, Colorado, or NH.. for freedom

I dont know whether to laugh or cry

2800 dollars couldn't buy enough land to put a tent on where I live. A building lot(now has to be 2 or more acres) here will run you about 250,000.00. We are getting to the point where it is going to be cheaper to buy a house and knock it down than to buy the raw land.

Even in the outlying towns of CT you will never find land for 2800 an acre - hell 28000 an acre would be a bargain.

You must have a pretty big tent.

17+ acres

for under 50K - it was cheaper than carpet. Mountain views nearly 360 degrees, 4 hot springs less than 20 miles away, whitewater paradise, excellent soil...
You need to move west!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

We have a few more years until the kids are out of school

then it is my plan to get out of here. We will probably start looking for land sometime soon - just not sure where yet.

Sounds like a great piece of land you have - I hope you enjoy it every day!!! What state are you in?


It is a pretty good place to be, all in all. But I would NOT go with that "Citadel" thing... that is just my gut, not anything I know. If I learn more, I'll be willing to change my mind and if you know more, educate me. But it just doesn't feel right to me.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I kinda liked what I read about the citadel. All it all it comes down to meeting your neighbors and seeing how you get along.

Why is it on the news?

I know many people in Idaho doing something along these lines, and they keep very, very quiet about it. It is the very fact that you read about it that makes me nervous - it may be fine. I just think it is odd that living here, knowing so many of the liberty lovers in this state, and I found out about it on the internet? I am not saying it is a set up, I am saying it could be and I'd be very cautious.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Please send info to surfexplorer13@yahoo.com


PM me with a phone contact

if you want and I can answer any questions you have from what I know already.

So who is "us" and who are you?


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

The best alternative

Good luck, this sounds awesome. I am like a lot of folks, though, can't really pull up stakes and run. I need to grow where I am planted. We bought a farm, and bet the farm on it... ;)
We are going new in town in a very small, clannish area. We already have the neighbors "on our side" after watching me sweat it out all summer out there with no power or running water. They are getting very curious about that dome we built, too. By the time the AP system is up and running again, we will have the entire county ready to know just what the hell we are up to... and then we will invite them all - Sheriff included - to come see.
Once they see it, some will understand, and we will have started a little "self reliance" wildfire in our county without ever whispering "Ron Paul."
But we know where that fire really started, don't we?
Shhhhh.... ;)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


This sounds like a scam to me. What lot for 1/4 acre would be only $700 in Colorado? I wasn't born yesterday, and Nystrom better watch out posting stuff like this, or he could get sued.

Fear mongers beware

if you say the word "scam" without evidence to back it up it's not very conducive to free market principals. I'm sure everyone here is appreciative of someone with your experience and research in this particular project... not to mention credibility you bring to the table - that you would warn them of this "sounding" like a scam.

In addition... your legal expertise regarding what forms of free speech people can get sued for. You're either a BAR member dependent on the people for your food/shelter or you just haven't learned how to research things before blurting out something you're going to be embarrassed about later.

Probably a good preliminary lesson for any prospective libertarian would be "look before you leap."

jrd3820's picture

Let them know what's up Vince

Keep fighting the good fight.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

"vinceableworld" posted the

"vinceableworld" posted the first message that started this discussion.

Just because Michael Nystrom owns the DailyPaul does not mean that he is automatically responsible for messages that you post here. You are responsible for what you post online.

Expecting online community owners to bear responsibility for the actions of tens of thousands of individual members is in no way reasonable. That would be like suing the telephone company because someone you were talking to said something that you did not like.


Thanks for

speaking out for freedom.

Acreage in Texas is even cheaper than that when you buy in bulk!

I mean if we're playing this game of "let's all pitch in some money and buy a lot of land to start our own community", which is a fun game I admit, we can get a whole lot more bang for our buck in Texas! Plus the laws are more friendly to our cause!


If only 100 of us put in $1000/ea, we could each get 6.4 acres near Big Bend National Park!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


The land is already purchased and in private hands.

There's no up front risk here... you can hand over your $700 once your body is parked firmly on your land. The "pitching in" projects are POTENTIALY much more advantageous... however from my experience those projects are a dime a dozen.

Do a search on "intentional communities" and you will find a good 90%+ of them are non-starters... as well as the ones that are established are completely DEMOCRATIC tyrannical rule on a small scale.

IMO - You're not going to find a better set-up for the money. Yes you are paying a premium however the views are pretty spectacular and the intent is on having a community free of outside interference. You're also paying that premium for REAL DIRT RIGHT NOW.

1/4 for 700$ is not that "cheap" ...

700x4 = 2800 per acre...

you can get acres for $1000 per and less in colorado and many other places... if you are looking to be left alone... a 1/4 acre lot isn't going to give you any privacy or silence from your neighbors.

so you are paying to have good neighbors and some services to the property. i don't think it's a "scam"...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.


I think this thread idea is a great alternative to the FSP, since like-minded folks will know where to find each other-- next door.

Strangest thing too; was talking with one of my neighbors about starting something like this yesterday, about buying a bunch of land up in the northern part of my state and renting/selling to other liberty-minded folk.

Which part of CO is this at, anyway?

A signature used to be here!

That's classified.

For national security reasons...


I love this idea. Your land prices are affordable for people like me as well. Would you mind sending me some of the information about the proposed community? I have a "self-contained living apparatus" that I would like to set up out there which can provide resources and income continuously for the rest of time. But I need some specs first. What have you got? (919)368-5913 Chris Harris.