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Pic plots gun violence and voting. Can anyone vet?

I found this out there. Purports to show the nation broken down to dem/rep counties and another plotting gun violence by county. The correlations are freakish.

Thing is I can't find who made the image or how reliable/etc. If it's accurate, well it's about the most solid evidence in favor of...well I'm not sure what.


Can anyone vet this?

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cute image

Based on common knowledge, urban centers produce more violent crime + urban centers tend to elect democrat candidates, it does appear generally accurate.

Whether or not the map is graphically accurate is a separate issue from whether or not it "proves" the implied correlation between democrats and violent crime.

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Beat you to it



I tried to vet the information myself, but I couldn't find the FBI stats. A liberal friend on FB said it was fake, but I still can't prove it either way.

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