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World War II Vet home vandalized - Houston

Yesterday my wife's grandfather had his home burglarized and spray painted by teenage thugs in Houston. He is a 93 year old WWII Marine veteran that earned a purple heart living alone in Houston. His wife recently passed away and he still drives himself around. Locally here in Houston people are organizing to help anyway they can with monetary or labor donations. Michael Berry a local radio host has organized people to help out at his home this afternoon. I've heard over 40 marines have volunteered to help.

If you would like to help in any way whether it is emotional or otherwise it would be deeply appreciated. His name is Elbert Wood. He lives in NW Houston at 5005 Viking Dr if anyone locally would like to show up today.

UPDATE: Michael Berry and about 60-80 supporters showed up to help along with about 25 Marines. Grandpa will be put up somewhere while the contractors donate him a complete renovation of his home. One man offered to build him a deck in the back yard. The patriot guard biker group stopped by to offer help. People have been very supportive. A group of Marines are also taking him to the WWII Memorial in DC in March.

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I was born in Nacogdoches, Texas and still have relatives in Houston and LA I sent a family email out. Hopefully we can get that man some donations. This is just disgraceful.

My nephew told me once that he thought the rash of baseball'd mailboxes we had been seeing on the side of the road was kinda funny. His mom and I had driven him to an out of town "country" school all his life and the road passed my folk's house.. One morning we saw my poor old dad out there digging a new hole with his crumpled mailbox off to one side.. My nephews face went white and suddenly mailbox baseball wasn't so funny..

We had always worked to teach him empathy for others but I think that day the lesson was driven home. Do unto others.. and that includes the older, the smaller, the weaker, the less able.

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I'm sorry that your

I'm sorry that your grandfather was the victim of criminality. No one should be vandalized, whether war veteran or not. I don't understand the reason to make the event about his status, though. Are those involved in the military forces of any country in a different moral or respect category? I think it is not a conscious thing, but the way this post is written and titled one would except to see over-emotionalization of the incident and frantic questions of "how could this happen to a veteran?!"

As a class, veterans were either forcibly kidnapped or voluntarily allowed themselves to be brainwashed by a coercive and imperial states to become paid killers who would attack anyone they were told by the state to attack. Germany, Great Britain, the US, Japan, and Russia were all creating veterans left and right during World War II, to be later revered by their own citizens. Does the US stand alone as the only country whose veterans were actually not involved in evil during their service? A few examples: bombings, shootings, rapes, theft, destruction of property, bribery, chemical warfare, indiscriminate killing on mass scale of civilian centers. What did they learn from their experience of war? Are they teaching their progeny the evils of war and the fact violence is not a valid way to resolve problems with others, or do they glorify it and justify all the evil done as necessary? I think not the former, or the reverential title of "veteran" would not be used. If something is of ambiguous morality, it is not used in this way. We are immersed in cultural and media lies about how the state is always doing its best to protect you and soldiers are the central pieces in it. If we can't argue for the validity of the many and frequent wars we engage in, we must instead transfer the debate to the soldiers and say they are good since by fiat the state says they are protecting "the people". If we accepted only defensive violence but not the initiation of aggressive violence, then we could not value soldiers for doing the will of the state when in 99% of the cases, no initiation of force by outside enemies is being responded to. Far more often our foreign policy follows the sequence: US gives verbal threat, enemy does not surrender, US "defends" itself by attacking enemy. If soldiers happen to be in a situation, just like any of us could be, where he has the means and opportunity to defend an innocent person in a conflict and does so. He is rightly a hero for doing this. He does not get to transfer his good deed onto the class "veterans".

I know most likely you post this because your wife's grandfather is a good person who didn't deserve this and you wished to highlight his goodness with that description. I hope this is not taken as hostile. I just wanted to think out loud about the common usage of the word veteran. I wish you and him luck in recovering from the aggression against him.

With all due respect

I don't consider this the time nor the place to discuss how the things you describe are perceived by society.

The description of him is to give context to the situation. People in a moral society generally feel good about helping others. This is simply a situation where someone has devoted a portion of their life serving others, and has become a victim of a crime. I just shared a story, sorry if that bothered you.

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Ah, the urban youth of my

Ah, the urban youth of my Hometown.

Southern Agrarian

Need to find the hoodlums and rather than prosecute them...

send them over to help repair Mr. Wood's property under the supervision of some of the Marines that are volunteering.

The worse part about this, is

The worse part about this, is that it will only be getting worse. I certainly all works out for the old Devil Dog. You should think about having him move in with your family.


But he's a strong personality and he seems to do fine.

Liberty: Too big to fail

I see your point:

If he’d been home when the crooks broke in, Wood said, “I’d have tried to kill ‘em.”

Wish I could give him a hug.

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