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Greg Palast Blast: Alex Jones, Guns, Piers Morgan, and... (for that, you will just have to read further)

I really must start reading my email, semi-regularly. Found this little gem from Palast from a couple of days ago...

VICE: This is the first of Palast's weekly columns for VICE [Magazine] – beginning with a bang: a four-part series on Alex Jones,Guns, Piers Morgan, and Palast's Penis.


Alex Jones is right. Deport Piers Morgan. NOW. Send him back. In chains.

But not because Piers doesn’t believe in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. (I mean, really, who gives a shit what Piers Morgan believes?) Piers Morgan should be turned over to Scotland Yard forthwith because he’s a criminal. And because of what he said about my penis, which we'll get to later.

This year's big YouTube hit so far – excluding the video of the guy sucking an umbrella out of his dog’s anus – is the footage of Alex Jones stuffing a figurative umbrella up Piers Morgan.

It shows Alex Jones – the host of one of the only intellectually substantive, fact-heavy forums on American radio – going nuclear on prime time. In notably high decibels, Alex was trying to explain to Piers why America has a Bill of Rights while England has David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Paul McCartney.

Before I enumerate the charges against Morgan, we need to ask two questions. Why did Alex Jones seem to lose it on air? And why is it so important to the media elite to ridicule him and dismiss him as a fruitcake and a buffoon – just another scary, Texan gun-nut – while they venerate Pus Moron – the scoundrel, the faker, the wanker – like he’s Thomas Jefferson?

What was really behind Alex’s freak-out?

Find out here-

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Great Stuff

The UK

Doesn't want him back.

Not running free, but in Scotland Yard? Yeah, they'd take him


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