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Machine guns by state, top and bottom 15 states, NH wins

Machine guns by state, New Hampshire wins
January 22, 2013

Machine Guns per 1,000 People by State (warning, it’s a PDF document)
Top Fifteen States:
1. NH 7.47
2. CT 6.13
3. MD 4.03
4. VA 3.69
5. ME 3.51

Bottom Fifteen States:
46. DE 0.62
47. RI 0.57
48. WA 0.55
49. NY 0.38
50. HI 0.31

See the link for the results of the ranking and learn the reasons why. http://nhfreedom.wordpress.com/2013/01/22/machine-guns-by-st...

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Some free staters are

Some Ron Paul supporting free staters are obsessed with guns. Wouldn't you agree?

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I question...

I question the accuracy of the statistics since possessing even a piece of a machine gun is a crime in Washington State, even a recoil spring or a firing pin. So the number in Washington should have been zero. Now perhaps those possessed by police departments and the DOD are included in which case Washington State should be much higher with the numerous military bases here.

It's all registered machine

It's all registered machine guns. The ones in gun stores. The ones in factories. The ones owned by collectors. The ones owned by the police and so on. The article goes into some amount of detail and links to a bunch of sources. Check it out.

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There are none...

There are none in Washington state outside law enforcement and the military except for the illegal ones, so Washington's number should be zero. If they count police do they count the DOD etc.?

Only machine guns

Only machine guns manufactured after 1986 are banned. If a civilian had the dough to purchase a hard to find fully automatic AR-15 lower assembly that was manufactured prior to 1986, it's is perfectly legal to own. As long as you get your class III license (which takes about 6 months to get) and then pay for the $200 tax stamp. Plus what the above pointed out, dealers can be counted as well.

According to a link from the

According to a link from the article.

ATF representatives have declined to release more detailed information from the agency's database of controlled weapons.

“We would not be able to release any information about the individuals,” ATF spokeswoman Donna Sellers said, explaining that the information is shielded from public disclosure because it's considered a tax record.

ATF has not responded to a request made under the Freedom of Information Act by Foster's Sunday Citizen on Dec. 31, 2012, seeking more detailed records about machine gun owners.

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I'm not surprised that New

I'm not surprised that New England states have some of the highest machine gun ownership rates. There's a lot of wealthy people in that region and it costs a ton of money to own a machine gun.

To get a fully automatic gun, it's going to cost you about $15,000. I think they were banned in '86, but you can buy parts as long as they were prior to '86. So naturally, the price is going to go up. Basically they're not outlawed, but only for the wealthy.

They are outlawed in some

They are outlawed in some states, unless you are the government. That's likely why the rate is so low is many states.

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They're outlawed in every

They're outlawed in every state. It's a federal crime. Like I said though, if it's made before the ban year you can own it. Those are grandfathered in. Which is why I said ownership is higher in the New England states because there are people there more likely to afford a very expensive weapon.

In some states, such as New

In some states, such as New Hampshire, it is still legal to make machine guns for government and civilian use. Machine guns are still being made. I'm not sure where you got your information. If you are referring to the NFA, it is mentioned in the article.

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Maybe I didn't explain myself

Maybe I didn't explain myself well, so sorry. But I never said machine guns aren't being made or can't be made. Current manufactured fully automatics are for government use only, that is of course not banned.

But like I said machine guns manufactured 1986 and earlier, can be bought and sold by civilians. Any fully automatic (or machine gun) made after 1986, is banned. And is not transferable to any civilian. It is federal law by the Firearm Owners Protection Act. There are no exceptions. And if you have the money to get get a pre-ban fully auto gun, you must get a Class III license and pay for a $200 tax stamp.

Also, it depends what you mean by "making", but if you hear about a civilian "making" a fully-automatic AR-15. They are referencing that they bought an AR-15 Lower Assembly with fully automatic capabilities that has a manufacture date of 1986 or earlier. The lower assembly is what the ATF considers the gun. Once you have that part, you can use modern day parts to build the rest of the weapon around it if you want. Because of supply/demand, the lower assembly part would cost about $15,000. If a civilian were to purchase an AR-15 lower assembly made after 1986, that is illegal and the ATF would love to meet that person.

Wikipedia may be inaccurate

Wikipedia may be inaccurate but there is a claim on Wikipedia this

"Machine guns manufactured after the FOPA's enactment can be sold only to law enforcement and government agencies, exported, or held as inventory or "dealer samples" by licensed manufacturers and dealers."

It claims that deals can have new machine guns as a dealer sample. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Firearms_Act

So theoretically, in states where machine guns are manufactured, like New Hampshire, dealers may be holding new machine guns. Maybe that's partly why the number is so high in NH?

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"Machine guns manufactured

"Machine guns manufactured after the FOPA's enactment can be sold only to law enforcement and government agencies, exported, or held as inventory or "dealer samples" by licensed manufacturers and dealers."

That would be correct, machine guns can still be manufactured and sold, as long as the buyers are government officials. I think you're definitely correct on why NH has a high number since dealers could be holding them. But it's also no coincidence that areas like CT or MD have them, even though you wouldn't expect those places, because there are more high income earners there that can afford the expensive pre-bans.

it is possible

to drive from #49 to #1 in about an hour

If you don't drive like a

If you don't drive like a masshole, it looks like and hour and a half :) Though, as long as there were no cops on the road and traffic wasn't bad, about an hour also sounds correct. http://goo.gl/maps/R1IGW

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The full top 15 list

Top Fifteen States:
1. NH 7.47
2. CT 6.13
3. MD 4.03
4. VA 3.69
5. ME 3.51
6. AL 3.25
7. WY 2.88
8. ID 2.72
9. IN 2.60
10. AZ 2.58
11. NV 2.48
12. KY 2.44
13. GA 2.23
14. AK 2.21
15. UT 2.13

Live Free or Die!

We mean it in NH when we say

We mean it in NH when we say "Live Free or Die", our state motto.
I totally disagree with the dark conspiracy theory that the author gives in this article, it does not make any sense to me. Anyway, I believe we will be one of the last states that they try to take our guns from, for example I would be interested in knowing the data on what percentage of the population here in NH actually own a gun and how many regularly fire and/or target practice with their guns.
Update: According to a couple of sources on the web it looks like we have 30% gun ownership in our state around the year 2007, lower than what I expected.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Like you said, that was in 2007

Americans have bought a LOT of guns since O took office.

Wouldn't surprise me if it were around 40-45% now.

As far as the "live free or die" thing...not too sure about that one. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of liberty-minded folk here, but there are just as many (at least in southern NH) who respond to facts and arguments with "as long as I get my check every month".

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NH has much less poverty and

NH has much less poverty and much lower poverty rates than most states. So while yes, there are lots of people on various forms on welfare, that is common in all states. It's just less common in NH. It might be hard to tell that because likely when you visit other states you don't visit the worst parts of them.

NH's child poverty rate is the lowest at 10%. "At the higher end of the child poverty distribution, the rates for Alabama,Arkansas, and Louisiana were estimated at 27.3 percent to 27.7
percent.13 Mississippi, New Mexico, and the District of Columbia had
child poverty rates of 30.0 percent to 32.5 percent."

Poverty rates by state http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_poverty_...
Child poverty by state http://www.census.gov/prod/2011pubs/acsbr10-05.pdf

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that they know of anyway =P actual numbers could be very different

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Connecticut in top 5? Likely wealthy Wall Street execs with political connections.

Virginia and Maryland? Likely all part of the D.C. priveleged class.

Not encouraging at all.

Money, I guess.

That would make me nervous if I were a Free Stater - you all keep your eyes open for anyone trying to start a civil war out there.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The post includes a

The post includes a conspiracy theory. NH has the lowest crime in the country. There aren't medal detectors at city halls nor at the State House. There are militias but they generally are just for demonstration purposes only. No one is trying to start a civil war but I'll sleep with 1 eye open, lol ;)

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We need some more here...

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