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Should We Expect Stunning Revelations On Aliens on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland?

by Georgi Stankov, January 22, 2013

There are rumours in circulation in Russia coming from semi-official sources attributed to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that suggest that the Prime Minister Medvedev is intending to press on Obama on the World Economic Forum beginning in Davos, Switzerland tomorrow, January 23, 2013 to participate in a worldwide disclosure on the existence of aliens on the earth, who have worked for decades with the elite and the dark cabal on power. If Obama rejects to participate in this disclosure, Russia will make these announcements on its own.

The WEF (The Forum) is a private Swiss non-profit foundation, based in Geneva and describes itself as an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. In reality, it is a melting pot for the worldwide dark elite in politics, finance and industry and fully under the auspices of the Bilderbergers, the Rothschild, and the Rockefeller groups, through their puppets in the Council of Foreign Relations and other US- and EU-governmental institutions.

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Wait a minute...

Is this article about:

1. Alien (law), a non-citizen resident of a country?
(legal alien, resident alien, non-resident alien, illegal alien, enemy alien)

2. Extraterrestrial life, life which does not originate from the Earth?
(life that does not originate from Earth. It is often also referred to as alien life, or simply aliens (or space aliens, to differentiate from other definitions of alien or aliens). These hypothetical forms of life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more complex than humans.)

3. Introduced species, a species not native to its environment?
(An introduced, alien, exotic, non-indigenous, or non-native species, or simply an introduction, is a species living outside its native distributional range, which has arrived there by human activity, either deliberate or accidental.)

All sarcasm aside, what's up with all this space alien stuff showing more and more prominence in MSM? Is this somehow attached to some kind of government new psychological thing? Did I miss the memo?

The men in black are probably our CIA guys

Just messin with the soviets. After all, an alien in the white house? Umm, come to think about it, well, never mind. LOL

Captain's Log....

Floating in the toilet...and it stinks too!

Please...beam me up!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Hold up a minute.

I need to go make some popcorn.

Um... no?

Um... no?

Geez! Here We Go...Tomorrow's Headlines:

"It's A New Galactic Order"

"The Earth's Trade Deficit a Result of Cheap Alien Imports"

"The Universal Economy"

"Earthlings Should Not Own Phazers!"



ANOTHER good reason to bear arms.

You expect me to fight aliens with a fly swatter?

The day they announce aliens, I am seriously going to hunker down for a few weeks. They promised us Project Blue Beam. They have been practicing. When they make their announcement, I'm just going to slither into some hole and not bother to try to tell anyone about Project Blue Beam. Today, I offer my warning still.

Bob - you've been out slumming with Sorcha again, haven't you? I understand, some days I can't resist.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


you must use a musket. :P

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.