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US allocates over $445.9 million in humanitarian assistance to Mali for FY2012 and FY2013

This kind of $hit is really starting to piss me off! The US is beyond f'ing BROKE, and with ALL the financial problems we have here at home, and US unemployment/underemployment breaking all time records and no relief in sight, our so called leaders keep handing out billions in foreign aid. This is just crap. We should get to vote online if we want to send 1/2 a billion dollars to some freaking country where 75% of the "aid" will be stolen by politicians on both ends of the deal. F'ing CRIMINALS! Bernanke is counterfiting 100 billion a month and handing it out to his well connected buddies and I've had to sell everything I ever owned just to keep a roof over my head. The bankers and traitors that have taken over our country should be arrested, tried, and hanged.

From Report:
Prior to the coup, the United States was one of the largest bilateral donors to Mali, with aid programs focusing on food security, health, education, governance, counterterrorism, and military professionalization. Many types of U.S. bilateral foreign aid for Mali are now prohibited under Section 7008 of the FY2012 Consolidated Appropriations Act, P.L. 112-74, which bars State Department and USAID-administered aid to the government of any country in which a military coup or decree has overthrown a democratically elected government.

The coup-related restrictions do not apply to humanitarian aid, which has been defined, in the case of Mali, to include bilateral health and food security aid. The United States is the leading provider of emergency humanitarian aid in Mali and the region, having allocated over $445.9 million in humanitarian assistance to the Sahel region in FY2012 and FY2013 to date. Of this, $119.3 million has been provided for drought- and conflict-affected Malians.

Crisis in Mali .pdf

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Now factor in the stories coming out of Algeria,

Mali's next door neighbor.

Algeria: Canadian led Islamic terrorists (Video)

They were even speaking english during the attack. They are not even trying to cover it up anymore.

Spend Spend Spend

for the NWO...Suffer insult at Obama's admonishment: It's irresponsible not to pay your bills-you HAVE to raise the debt-ceiling...

There's got to come a day when civil disobedience dictates - enough - no more Federal income tax returns, even tho it will mean jail time, at best. But it also means the refusal to fund an evil empire.

I'd pay state income tax. But as far as Federal? That's a moral hazard I simply can't afford any longer. All it's doing is reserving me a place in hell.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

You are aware aren't you

that "aid" is not aid, as in productively helping those who need it.
Aid is helping the corrupt in (insert name of failing country here) to help themselves.
The "aid" that went to Haiti is still sitting on the wharf, the UN bought in cholera to "aid" an already weak population...and the US now has full control of the country, not only physically through air and ship ports, but through the puppet government that gets rich on the aid money.
"Aid" is a disgusting racket.



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