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Judge Andrew Napolitano. why taxation is theft, Abortion is murder and Government is dangerous.

Judge Napolitano is my choice for POTUS 2016.


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I think they only allow the

I think they only allow the Judge to speak in order to give what few sheep who aren't asleep at the wheel faith or hope that there's a chance that the gov't may change for the better. Just like when we had to watch Ron Paul run, and then be totally railroaded and ripped off in the end.
But on the same note, I would vote for him in a second If he were to ever make the ballot.

he would make a good candidate

agreed he would be a far better candidate than any of the recent (past 50 years) would have been. Now the question is could he get congress and the supreme court to follow the lead and not over reach constitutional authority? I doubt he would be able to reign in their overreach without more help from the sheople.

As a very practical matter...

Prohibition on alcohol did not stop alcohol from being made and sold, it created a black market.
Prohibition on drugs does not work. We have a black market.
Prohibition on abortion did not work, It created a black market, where frightened teenage girls were victims of atrocities. I don't like abortions, not at all, but I don't want to make a black market for them.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.