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Solution. The Secret To Political Power Is Feeding The Poor.

We can talk about liberty all we want but we will never acheive it unless we are actually able to diffuse the very real authority that the state holds over the people. What the constituation says is irrelevant if the state has another will and the authority to accomplish it. Their authority is established by the dependency of the poor upon them. This dependency is established through social welfare programs that feed, house, and provide other services to the masses from whom all political power throughout all of history is derived. The only way to fracture the polical power base of the state is to redirect the dependency of the poor away from the state, by meeting the needs in a superior fashion, much like what happens to a regime when sanctions are placed upon it and it is no longer able to feed its people. The people quickly turn on it and place their political self-determination upon whatever entity steps up to feed them. The poor I am talking about feeding are not only the innocent victims of social misfortune, but also the despised fraudsters who game the system in order to take advantage of it. If it were not worth it to the state to tolerate this fraud they would find a way to stop it, it really isn't that difficult to do, but they don't. Because it is worth it to pay for a man's food and even his home if he will reliquish his political authorty. The simple fact of the matter is that unless we are willing to make the sacrifice to take on the burden of the dependent class, the state will never give up its authority, and they shouldn't be expected to since by the nature of dependent transactions, they have secured it.

This truth has recently hit me as an epiphany (if you didn’t know, an epiphany is a truth that when realized kind of makes you go “AH HA!”). It's really exciting to think about and the implications of it are truly profound. I have written about 20 pages in a journal of ideas relating to this epiphany. The ideas are somewhat jumbled and need to be organized, but they are powerful. I have been struggling with how I should begin to communicate this epiphany. It's one of those things that is very simple, so simple in fact that I feel like if I present it incorrectly it will be immediately dismissed. So I've been racking my brain about how to do it. How to write it, how to organize it. A video, a blog post, facebook? Well I've opted to just start telling it and those who have ears to hear will just have to hear it. This document is over 10,000 words long, I'm sorry for that, but it turns out that sometimes it takes a lot of words to explain a big idea, at least until that idea is fully understood (that is where I am asking for your help). Here is the very short version, if you find some merit in it, please keep reading:

  • Our federal government is incompetent, corrupt, and in many cases evil. (duh)
  • Their agents regularly commit acts of violence and fraud that are totally immoral.
  • For some reason, even though their acts are immoral, I cannot resist them and my arguments against their immoral acts seem to fall on deaf ears.
  • My avenues of resistance all seem to be fruitless, or worse, only serve to strengthen the existing system. I know many smart people that have offered up solutions, however none of those solutions seem to work as none of them are able to effectivly dislodge the authority of the established regime.
  • I believe reason these things are so is that the federal government actually does have the authority to do the things they are doing, and they have garnered this authority by carrying out the activity that has historically always been used to transfer actual political power, feeding the poor.
  • My epiphany is this: The secret to achieving political power is by feeding the poor, and the secret to achieving liberty is by feeding the poor in a way that the dependency resulting from the transaction is not able to be manipulated by a human or human institution.

Yes, that is the epiphany. Simple huh? You're probably tempted to quit reading now; it’s such a basic and idealistic notion. But let me ask you to bear with me a bit, because if I can communicate this properly, you will see that it is an achievable method to displacing the overreaching power of our out of control government. I am writing this with some broad strokes and for the sake of getting it on paper I am making some historical and factual assumptions that I believe to be true but I will admit that I have not diligently researched the validity of every one of them. In fact I may in some cases be ignorantly assuming a progression of history that fits my narrative better than it fits actual history. Regardless, I believe my premise to be true, and I don’t want mistruths or ignorance to detract from it if it is. Any input you could provide with regard to insight and truth would obviously be welcome, as my interest is to perpetuate an idea that can be used to establish liberty, and not to simply promote another misconception. That being said please consider what I have to say.

You've probably heard the old quote by Chinese Communist Chairman Mao, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." It is an idea that is almost universally held as true. That the state is able to maintain power because of what some call their "monopoly on the initiation of force", they are the only ones allowed to beat and jail people without being beaten and jailed for doing so. The fact that the state can arrest or even kill you is taught to be the reason why we so willingly submit to them. This idea is so prevalent that we rarely even question why one person who is dressed up in a certain uniform is allowed to do things to other people that if anyone else attempted they'd be arrested, committed, jailed, or possibly even killed. You pay your taxes, drive the speed limit, refrain from certain substances, and tolerate intrusive searches and accusals all because these things are either mandated or restricted by an edict from the state, and the state has armed enforcers that they employ to coerce your compliance. Sound about right?

What if I told you that this is all a very clever slight of hand? continue...

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There's just two words...

...that give truth to your title alone...food card. And they took away the humility of people using them...it used to be coupons and you could see when someone had them. Now you cannot tell if they are using their credit card or food card.

I would like to change the

I would like to change the notion of how these programs are recieved by those dependent upon them. Currently food stamps are called an entitlement. I would like to create a voluntary system where the benefits are called a gift. I think the mentality of this small change would be profound. One recieves an entitlement much differently than one recieves a gift. However, the only way it can be called a gift is if the resources are recieved voluntarily, not through coersion.

That explains why the are destroying the middle class

Why they are creating a burgeoning poor class.

Bump for later review.

Free includes debt-free!

The middle class is being

The middle class is being extorted into obedience by the placement of ghettos full of a totally dependent population within their cities. The underfunding of these ghettos serves as a standing threat to the neighborhoods of the less dependent. Where would all those people go if they here homeless and hungry? The state uses the transfer of authority that is innate within transactions of dependency not only to rule over the dependent, but also to rule over everyone else.

The only way to remove this power is to obsolete their system of social welfare and create a system that ensures that the hand that feeds is not connected to the same body as the hand that wields the sword.

You may be interested in the

You may be interested in the LDS Humanitarian Services

I've helped out multiple times with it at different levels.
It's very charitable and it works without any resources/coercion
from the state.

“I’m fully diversified. I’ve got some under the mattress, some under the floor boards, some in the backyard.”

Actually I admire the LDS

Actually I admire the LDS church for these things. But what I am advocating here is establishing private systems of social welfare for the express purpose of fracturing the political power base of the state that is a natural result of their monopoly on social welfare.

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Rob their dependence. Transfer their dependence from the state to the private sector. Then they are part of our political base.

I remember reading in "The Laws of Power" that in order to maintain power: Make people dependent on you.

Of course! That is how the state draws its power. Walmart should create farms of people. (I'm only half joking)

Know what an epiphany without action is?

A brain fart.
Aquaponics. Take your epiphany and run with it. Email me if you need help, this is exactly our "devious plan." Teach those poor people how to feed themselves.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I would actually like to learn more about aquaponics

Any suggestions on where to start?

I found a great book at the

I found a great book at the library about it, but i can't remember the name...It had some really simple plans for small aquaponic gardens that you could grow indoors, fish and all.

Whats a library?


I have a solution.

I have a solution to take action on, at least a vision for one, read it. It's toward the end....

I fully intend on acting. Actually I am acting, the first step is to communicate the idea.