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Let's make a plan to repeal all gun control laws by the end of 2016.

First we have to get Rand Paul elected president in 2016. No, he is not a clone of his dad, but he is with us on 99% of the issues.
Second, we need to kick out some of those liberal democrats in the senate. Here is where Gary Johnson comes in. He can run against the liberal Tom Udall and become a senator for New Mexico. Although he may be qualified to be president the current two party system will not allow a libertarian to be elected. Ron Paul figured that out in 1988 and not much has changed. If we could get Gary and a few other conservatives elected in the senate the balance of power could be dramatically changed.
Third, we must keep republican control of the house. With Rand as president, and republicans in control of both houses we could stop all proposed gun control legislation and even repeal the existing laws.
Start a special fund for 2016. Rand is going to need 10 million a month to be able to compete. These one and two million money bombs are not going to cut it. Lack of money is the reason Ron Paul gave for quitting when he did in 2012.
Everyone is fired up right now over gun control but we must sustain this passion for four more years.

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wow just picturing that

wow just picturing that senecio makes me smile
They need to make sure we don't send up these
moderate republicans for available seats. I sure
hope they realize that conservative leaning libertarian
is the future of the party, that's how I am, I would
love to see more of that from the future candidates .

maybe I am just doing some

maybe I am just doing some wishful thinking, but It would be great wouldn't it.