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We Are All Beggars

If a beggar was offered a 30 pound bag of seeds because that's all someone had, I think he would chose not to take the bag of seeds. Even if that was all a person could offer. That old saying "Success is when preparation meets opportunity," I think it can be applied here. A beggar would not see an opportunity to acquire seeds as a success and therefore would not accept the person's offer. It's a dilemma that is plaguing this country. More and more, we see people looking for instant success without the need for preparation. They want it and they're demanding it now. Some think government can provide it. I plain and simply don't think they're capable nor should be. Yet, they are without a doubt involved in every aspect of our lives and they're running out of money fast. Truthfully, we are all beggars now in this crazy world we live in. Because if money meant nothing tomorrow, I don't think there's but a few thousand people who have prepared enough to be successful when that opportunity presents itself. And if you think there's not a monetary crisis....well then you must be working for the federal reserve bank...lol