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This Is What Our Brains And Guts Are Up Against: Forced Living In The Age Of Absurdity, Forced Living In LA-LA-Lands

Found this one a while ago. It's past news already, though not so old (2011). I just remembered I hadn't posted about it yet.

Haven't double-checked all bits, but it's not too difficult to Google other consistent clues about it, from different sources.

When dear wife and I first read it, I remember ending up in a crazy laughter, brought by the complete absurdity of the story.

The sort of stuff you'd consider putting in a Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker movie, or maybe a Mel Brooks'.

Today I feel like I should have cried instead.

Dear wife, albeit her legendary wisdom, did laugh too, though much less than I did, but she was the one concluding with:

"Man, that is so messed up."

Without further ado, "enjoy", read carefully:


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For some reason, I'm having difficulty feeling sympathy for their little inconvenience. :\

Apparently, it wasn't very hard for some to imagine the value of Swiss currency against the Euro. Maybe it's even why Switzerland and Britain are not EU member states.

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When The Idiots and Clueless are in charge

"... difficulty feeling sympathy..."

Same here, obviously.

A subtitle could be:

"When The Idiots and Clueless are in charge"

I hope you didn't miss the part with the mayor also "professor of economics" who signed for loans he wouldn't even understand the formulas thereof.

Or the part where the Swiss had to commit to do their best to "push down" their own Swiss Franc just because it became too strong vs. a worthless Euro, and skyrocketing interest rates that the idiots didn't even understand signing up for with the banks.

Or the part where the same idiots turned themselves to the French government to fix their reckless engagements with the banks.

I remember my crazy laughter on this absurdity after imagining their dumb faces and dropped jaws when they (maybe) finally got it:

"oh, so that's how this damn contract's interest rates and Swiss thing work!"

Or something.

Freaking idiots.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

My laugh is one of hopelessness

and more akin to your suggestion of crying.
But, yeah, I guess it's similar to some people's faces when they realize they are hopelessly mired in credit card debt.
I won't even touch the nat'l debt, since most pretend it doesn't exist.
"absurdity" indeed