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The Chat Still Isn't Popping Up For Me

My chat box nor the "list of people" box here pop up for me anymore; every now and then the "new chat" box pops up and I click on it to make a new chat but it disappears a few seconds later - could someone please help?!

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yayyyy pinoy is gone.

yayyyy pinoy is gone.

Uninstall and reinstall your

Uninstall and reinstall your browser.

Maybe you were banned.

P.S. Kili is amazing

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No, I Wasn't,

And you totally suck.

Thank You, But

Both such boxes are already checked - problem still persists :/

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looked in your account and saw that they were checked. This is something beyond my capability and will have to be referred to Jon or one of the other gurus.

If you make a comment about your issue, including what browser you are using and what operating system you are on, Jon is pretty good about fixing these things. Here is the thread to post in.

Sorry you're having troubles.

I Will Post a Suggestion,

Thank you.

Click "my account"

then click "edit" and scroll down and make sure the "chat" box is checked. By "list of people" do you mean "who's online?" There is a box to be checked for that too if you want that feature.

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