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Paid-to-post or just a person?

You read gossip about 'them' being 'among us'. That there are instances of for-hire members of certain discussion based forums who are there with the devisive agenda of manipulating the community.

Now, most likely this does occur during campaigns. Logically, there are enough nerds in the world interested in bi-partisan politics that would gladly take pay to inject themselves into these types of forums. Major campaigns would recognize the significance of online perception and be willing to reward staff members for making an appearance. Some campaigns may even be willing to conspire with select staffers to create a specific cyber-ego on specific media platforms. This false-ego may impersonate an actual supporter, then work to discredit various facets of the culture.

The real question is whether our federal government, foriegn governments, or any global organization participates in such ongoing espionage? Certainly, you sometimes see someone post something here that's a bit against the grain of DP's 'public opinion,' and it gets certain people all up in a ruckus. Such rabble-rousers could easily be identified as 'paid-shills/nwo-scum/etc.,' based on their devisive opinions on specific issue. Now, I mean this in the nicest way, but the Daily Paul does have a strong concentration of the paranoid type [just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not watching...] so I must ask, is it possible that these types of posters aren't paid by anyone and are simply a member of a different camp?

Couldn't we, hypothetically, pose as a "gun-grabber," go on their discussion forums [say, democraticundergound] and post opinions MEANT to polarize the community? Do you think there are people that would do this freely, for no compensation? If so, then isn't it entirely possible that there are simply federalist individuals that are organized enough to take such action against us: freely, for no compensation?

Give me some feedback on my thoughts!!

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Astroturfing isn't new

It is in fact nearly impossible to start a social site of any kind, be it news or dating, without fake users in the beginning. Look, even reddit started that way:

Politics isn't excluded from it either. The computer security industry's biggest patron happens to be big business and government. When this was revealed I wasn't at all surprised:

Creating multiple accounts is easy. Teams working full time can appear to be a much larger crowd, and with enough technical resources it can be very difficult for a site admin to detect. Astroturfing is just a form of social engineering (in hacker context) so obviously the computer security industry is going to build frameworks to make it more effective.

There's an entire industry which you may have heard of, called SEO, that is essentially astroturfing.

Yeah, sometimes best to fight fire with fire

So, I'm with 'ya. Tell me where I can help. I mainly go to Yahoo and comment. Do it often, I'd say hundreds a day read the comments and I try to make them effective for waking people up in all sorts of various ways. There is an art to it, and I don't do it because I get paid...I do it because I care about my country and want to see change for the better.

With a concerted effort, more of an impact could be made. I know I've read that there are rooms full of people paid to promote ideas adn beliefs on the internet, and have seen the abnormal commenting on yahoo often. Power in numbers there.....like with any strategy battle game, power in numbers....if you have better guys but send them in one at a time, they all get crushed and make no effect.

I Do That Too

I am always leaving comments on yahoo to try to wake people up or get them to visit sites that will (like DP for instance)



(I removed my reply in order not to be confrontational. Peace.)

All will be fine

if our movement focuses on Liberty issues (theory and practice) as well as on discussion of current news without conspiracy theories. Like Ron Paul did in his speeches.

Ron Paul did not want to dwell about Obama birth certificate, 9/11, Rothscilds, club of rome, illuminati, chemtrails, fluoride, etc. Ron Paul always stressed that the FED is just a facilitator, not the cause of the problem. The cause is people who want free stuff.

When we start mixing Liberty movement of Ron Paul with sideline issues of Alex Jones, Tarpley, Ventura and others - we often express speculations and hypotheses that are just that - speculations and hypotheses. They have nothing to do with Liberty movement. Folks, who want free society, should understand that under capitalism bankers and Jews, on average, would do comparatively well. They wont suffer or disappear. If folks want to curb bankers or Jews, they should switch to National Socialism collective.

You can spot them if you keep

You can spot them if you keep your shades on.


You can fight fire with fire, but I prefer the sword of Truth and the shield of Virtue.

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Great link, also. Some great stuff in there.

Found a good example

Read the post referenced here:

Basically, it's a quote of a DemUnderground member telling off the democratic community for adamantly taking on an issue that is only an issue due to (government)media-bias. Couldn't that easily have just been manipulation by a smart right-winger (or libertarian) with the intentions of getting democrats to back off an issue?

What I notice:
> This person acts/is a member of the Dem. Party and of the DemUnderground community.
> They effectively offer multiple reasons NOT to be outspoken about gun control.
> They call out 'certain members' of the camp.
> If they had an upvote/downvote system, 'public opinion' on the post would most likely be strongly NEGATIVE. Think about it! It's well written, but could easily be interpreted as 'pro-gun'. Now... SOME MEMBERS will actually agree with the poster and thus, his words were devisive and the community is divided.

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My quick take on that is:

My quick take on that is:

1. I'm afraid the share of gross ignorance and mono-thinking of the brainwashed (or, apathetic) masses of our time actually brings against our cause... mostly people doing it completely voluntarily, for free; they don't even need to be paid;

2. I would certainly never recommend us playing such games of online deception, anyway; in my view, our ideas are fundamentally opposed to the deceiver's techniques of debating; we say what we mean, we mean what we say;

3. however, they are a few things to be aware of, that paid folks against us may use here and elsewhere, after being trained at those; I posted about it:



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"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Thank you

Ty for the link and for sharing your thoughts. I wanted to say I am NOT condoning this espionage, cyber-ego concept, etc. I'm just speculating and contemplating :)

Do they have forums for those people?

I see the liberal websites with comments about gun control, but do they have any forums for it?

At least DemUnd..

(WARNING: don't click the link. you won't like what you see.)

Horribly designed website. So

Horribly designed website. So much clutter.

Southern Agrarian