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Something Funny Is In This Popular 90's Music Video

I could tell you, but that would take away the fun. Just watch :)


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Couldn't stand watching all

Couldn't stand watching all the way through. I was in college in the 90s but i didn't listen to top 40 shit, except Nirvana I guess, who never wanted fame anyway.

here's a hint!

it's the ONLY thing it the entire video that ISN'T black and white.



Free includes debt-free!

Watched But Couldn't Figure It Out

Maybe something to do with the word "collective" in "collective soul"?

You and I must have

complete opposite senses of humor, because there was nothing "funny" in that music video what so ever...

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Funny can mean several

Funny can mean several different things. If something smells "funny" does that mean you laughed when you smelled it?


Very observant!

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When you say funny...

Are you referring to the badass 90's grunge apparel?

Or the "Don't tread on me"?

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Kicking Myself

Don't Tread On Me.