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Food FYI: What's in your bowl of noodles? It may be melamine

Food FYI: What's in your bowl of noodles? It may be melamine

By Betty Hallock
January 22, 2013, 4:20 p.m.

We love a steaming hot bowl of soup -- ramen, pho, beef noodle soup, whatever. But scientists say that if the bowl is made with melamine, the melamine might be seeping into our bodies.

Melamine is a flame-retardant chemical used to make adhesives, industrial coatings and some types of tableware and other utensils. A recent study of a group of soup eaters -- 12 men and women who ate noodle soup in either a bowl made of ceramic or melamine -- showed measurable levels of the chemical additive in the urine of those who slurped out of the melamine bowl. The study by Taiwanese researchers was published in this week's JAMA Internal Medicine.

Urine samples collected from study participants who ate out of melamine bowls had 8.35 micrograms of the chemical, on average, compared with 1.31 micrograms of the chemical after eating from a ceramic bowl.

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Yo Emalvini

I would be worried about the noodles "seeping" into my body.