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Republican Party actively purging liberty activists on the county level!

It would seem that county Republican Parties are following John Boehner's lead and are starting to purge the Liberty activists. Todd Welch was a national delegate elected by Wisconsin's third district. He received a letter this week with his Republican party dues returned and a letter explaining why he was not being accepted into "the club."

Please consider E-mailing the Dunn County Chairman Richard Rust to tell him how you feel about Todd Being purged.

If we don't stop this other county chairmen will be emboldened and the dominoes will begin to fall.

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So, what?

Are they already planning to throw another election? Maybe the GOP has decided to give the Clintons another term?

Well, that was fun :)

Chairman Rust,

The rest of the party is adapting to the knowledge that liberty is popular, but it seems you prefer cheap tactics to maintain your temporary sense of control! Todd Welch, a liberty activist and duly elected national delegate for the state of Wisconsin, was recently "declined membership" to the Party based on his conservative principles. I am telling you now that he represents the future of the Republican party and the old [ancient] guard leadership is about to experience some overhaul. I hope you start to paying attention, because it is happening right in front of you.



But, let's be nice. We don't have any cards to play with. Outnumbered 8-1, we're literally at their mercy. They don't think they need us as badly as we know we need their party. We've got to make them understand that we can be allies and work together.

"The truth is that neither British nor American imperialism was or is idealistic. It has always been driven by economic or strategic interests." - Charlie Reese

Oh, I don't know......... I

Oh, I don't know......... I suppose we could always call them en masse and threaten to register as Democrats to drive the stake into their vampire hearts a little deeper.

We need them...they need

We need them...they need's a love hate relationship.

see what Ron Paul started?

Now let's FIGHT THEM....exposing the legislative records of their RINO big government candidates,...get 50 "new recruits" to come to a meeting, or even just two dozen; and dare them to make their case AGAINST Ron Paul's principles of cutting spending dramatically....with cell phone cameras rolling and newcomers!!!