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Wisconsin GOP Tries To Purge Liberty Activist From Party Membership, Mails Back Check With Letter

This is an outrage. If anyone wants to send words to Dunn County Chairman Richard Rust, please by all means do. Keep it cordial though and don't get mean.


The person they're trying to purge is Todd Welch, an outstanding Liberty activist here in WI. He's also the head of the WI-C4L, a personal friend and someone I've worked with on many occasions. He was a national delegate who went to Tampa, and after being released by Santorum he voted for Ron Paul (the 1 vote from WI).

We seriously cannot stand for this kind of BS.


"Rejection" letter http://i.imgur.com/KHRGyXG.jpg

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Imagine for a moment

that the Republican (sic) Party Leadership has little to no interest in promoting Liberty or preserving our Natural Rights.

Imagine for a moment that the Republican (sic) Party Leadership is desperately trying to hold onto the Power that has been usurped over the last century and that they understand absolutely that they are only limited in power to the degree they are willing to test the public.

Imagine for a moment that YOU are part of the Party Elite and directly culpable for many of the economic and social ills that face America today and your Power was close to an end.

Government's Just Power comes from the Consent of the Governed. By remaining in the Republican (sic) Party, one is giving their Consent to the Party LEADERSHIP which gives them POWER.

What?! - Cant be...

I am shocked that GOP inst just rolling over. By now I expected written apologies, and an effort to reach out to all Ron Paul supporters to share a sincere, "You right, we were wrong, lets work together". /sarc

One Question: What experience from that last two election cycles was basis of thinking that anything else but this would happen?

Every rule at every key moment was broken, ignored or changed. How could anyone expect any honor or integrity from this group of freaking thugs?


Liberty = Responsibility

write back?

can he write back rejecting their rejection, and at the same time kicking them out of the party for: and then list the candidates they supported who lost and how they didn't support planks of the platform. Not some "we didn't like something you might've said on facebook" but black and white "Platform says this, candidate you supported takes this position, you're out of the party not me."

Purging Liberty GOP members in Vail, Colorado Too!

In Eagle County Colorado (Vail) three Liberty Delegates to the State Convention who supported, organized and WON the county for Ron Paul have been removed from their PCP slots in the local GOP just prior to elections for a new central committee. It appears that the same thing is happening around the state and that State Chairman Ryan Call is behind it. The local Eagle County Colorado GOP has such low turnout we had more members at our January meetup group meeting of: Freedom & Liberty for Eagle County than the GOP central committee meeting. Republicans here don't care and now the local GOP chair Kaye Ferry has removed three members from their voting positions as Precint Committe Persons to protect her little top down running of the local GOP. And here is the kicker, Ryan Call State of Colorado Chairman will be attending our next central committee meeting when we hold elections for a new central committee!

If Todd did not break any by-laws (and he did not)

he has a law suit..

Appears to me, they are punishing him.

I would not write the WI-GOP. I would send a copy of the letter with a cover letter to MSM.. Ben Swann. what's her name.. Rachel Madhow, Cooper Anderson.. and make this a HUGE National news article..

Prepare Todd.. as you are about to become catepulted to the top of the rEVOLution as a hero!

Let's make this a national story!

Yesterday I called the Peter Schiff show and spoke to Tom Woods about the purge of Liberty/Activist members of our local GOP. We should pool our stories and do what the Granger suggests---make this a national story. I believe it is all tied to RNC Ginsburg Rule changes. Great letter by Morton Blackwelll on this a few days ago.

Has Hell Frozen....

...over yet? Are pigs briskly winging their way across the blue sky?

The GOP establishment is a part of the single Globalist-Collectivist Party.

Does anyone really believe that the the establishments single Globalist-Collectivist Party will allow it's Republican 'right-wing' to be co-opted, really?

Some people seem to have an innate inability to see and grasp this simple fact.

The 'party' will NOT continence being taken over by any 'liberty philosophy' or allow a 'liberty slate' of actions. They will allow a few low-level 'liberty' functionaries to exist which will provide the illusion that changing the cabal is possible, thus assuring that the slack-jawed, slope-headed, drooling 'party-faithful' will still come back to the fold when all is said and done...ala Bush the Elder, Bob Dole, GW 'Puffy' Bush, Johnny McPuke and Der Mittens.

After all, 'our turd is better than their turd', dontcha know...or so the paradigm of the 'lesser turd' goes.

And so the seemingly inevitable slide to totalitarianism continues...

So why do you insist on keeping the GOP the way it is?

Do you really believe that by leaving the GOP alone it will improve? Or is it that you think it will die? It won't. It would continue to be run by a very few with MSM promoting it as very big, and I refuse to allow that to happen.

Do you really think the Libertarian Party is Indy of the GOP? Haven't you seen by evidense of the GOP running for president under a LP lable it's a facade designed to marginalize? Do you actually think that those who are Indy have a voice? All they do is vote for who others put on their ballots. Indy is designed for people to give all their personal information for NO representation. I consider Indy's well meaning stooges.

I think folks like you would rather complain than fight. You'll fight rEVOLutionaires harder than you'll fight the GOP. You work hard to keep us marginalized, doubting, fearing and joining you as deer in headlights, going nowehere politcally as fast and hard as you can.

I really think you are the biggest cowards of all.

I also think that Ron Paul is correct in that you can not keep down an idea that's time has come, and our time is here. This is a GREAT time to be in a good fight. It is the time before the damn busts when those like you will join, only to say,, you were here all along.. yes.. you were here all along, sowing seeds of doubt. You and the Neos are failing and you will FAIL. We are winning. We are going to win.

Show me...

...where I ever insist anything of the sort.

All I have done is point out what I assess to be a simple truth, one that you have yet to realize, it seems.

You can do whatever it is that you want to do. I may or may not make comment about it, your panties getting in a wad notwithstanding.

Also, who brought up the Libertarian Party, other than you? For me, I see that the election process is controlled by a cabal that will not countenance being uprooted.

Simply put, I am both amused and aggravated, often in equal measure, by the things some people advocate and what they believe. I often applaud, privately, the enthusiasm and effort, but cannot get beyond stark truth.

Bottom line, until and unless some of you people wake up and assess what the big picture is and where we really are relative to it, along with what is necessary to correct it, all this is a clown-circus, in my view.

All these differing efforts do, such as your 'GOP takeover' master-plan, is to dilute and prevent any real awakening to what is an inevitable grim choice. That is where the fallacy of what you perceived to be other's cowardice, rests.

It will come down to men, with grim resolve, being forced to step forward and attempt to make right what it is that actions/beliefs such as yours, made certain.

Read between the lines if that will assist your grasping the point.

Those tactics are working in my county

Furthermore, those tactics are working in CA.

For those of us who are awake.. RP can continue to wake up the rest, but we have a job to do, and that's getting Rand elected as president.

Now that my committee has Ron Paul Republicans, it's FUN, and what's more, we have plans to do all the grasroots did on the GOP lable. GOP has money and power and why should we not use that tool?

You may consider me one of those women, with passionate objective, willing to step forward and make the GOP a party for, by, and of Liberty and freedom Loving voters, like me.

Uh Huh...

First it was Der Mittens, because nobody else had a 'real chance'...now it is Lil' Rand, because he is a Republican, even though nobody knows how he is going to develop, e.g. establishment or liberty. Albeit there are signs of both at this time.

Before that it was 'Puffy', twice, then a vote for Bob Dole...previously it was New World Order George the Elder and
and on and on and on......

Go back as far as you like...how much actual gov't shrinkage, not slowing of expansion, have the republicans brought? How much are we following the Constitution due to their efforts? How sound is our money due to them?

Gov't is completely lawless. Gov't is so utterly cemented into its powers, both in size, executively, legislatively and judicially, that they openly exercise powers that are prohibited them and openly violate the Constitution and 'law'.

Keep doing what you are doing, but if you believe that this gov't is going to countenance any takeover by a real individual liberty, real constitutionalist move, you need your head examined.

Of course, with the 'principles' of compromise and party-loyalty that you have displayed, I don't see that they have anything to worry about, from your camp. I have seen 'reform republicans' like you for decades. You are a warmed-over and watered down version of what we already have and since you insist and preach that people 'fix it', rather than abandon it, you ensure that neither will ever happen.

A future controlled co-opted candidate who says and does a few things to get you all worked up into a follower-frenzy, will always gain your support, again and again and again.

The dirt-simple concept of using the Constitution and fundamental principles of individual liberty to measure any person vying for elected office, well, that seems to take a continual back seat to the party-paradigm and the 'paradigm of the lesser turd'.

Enjoy yourself. Me, well, me and those like me will continue to prepare for what your efforts absolutely ensure will come, like an out of control freight train.

Keep on keeping on though.


It was NEVER "Mittens". It was keeping loyalty oaths, that those who joined the GOP, were elected to committees, were registered with our county and state as Ron Paul Republican delegates, who were targetted, and had to keep our loyalty oaths to remain in the GOP, where Ron Paul remains as Chair to the Republican Liberty Caucus.

"Lil" Rand has known, loved and respected, by his Father Ron, his entire life. "Lil" Rand is advancing the Liberty Caucus within the GOP as Ron Paul NEVER did. Ron Paul ate lunch by himself for decades, the "crazy uncle" no one cared about. Ron Paul may have won the hearts of many, but that did not translate into GOP support. Ron Paul picked the GOP, Rand Paul continues within the GOP, and the few who followed, remain fighting within, to your chagrin.

I registered Libertarian in 1976 and remained until 1992 when I went Indy to work with Ralph Nader on three election, to open ballots and debates to third parties. All we won were multible law suits in multuble states that we lost. I did not want to join the GOP and I refused in 07/08, which left me nowhere. When RP made his second Republican run for president, I joined. The only regret I have is not joining in 07/08.

I am well aware of the problems within the GOP, and other parties, having witnessed the stolen election in 92 when Clinton was selected. Ron Paul is giving us a place within the GOP to change things, and I enjoy it. I see the changes on my committee, and I'm seeing the changes nationally, now that Lil Rand is getting MSM attention, something Ron didn't get. Seems the only people who that upsets is the Neocons and those who back the Neocons staying in the GOP, refusing to replace them, like you.

I look forward to proving you wrong about who I am and what I will do. Compromise does not mean complete surrender. Doing nothing but spitting in the wind as you do, is complete surrender.

When I began supporting Ron Paul, I did not agree with him 100%. I compromised then. But I also studied Ron Paul, and I began to change to the point, I really don't know where I don't agree. And while I may not agree with Rand 100%, I appreciate the position and the battle, and I am still learning. I enjoy it very much. I enjoy seeing my committee change, and voting down unconstitutional resolutions and inniatives for my county, and debating Neocons, as I am armed with what I have learned from Ron and Rand Paul.

You, and those like you, the whiners, complainers, the do nothings, win nothings, apathetic spolers who don't get it, don't want to get it. You enjoy yourself keeping the ptb in power as you try to hide your cowardess, and apath,y begind your anger and frustration, spoending more time knocking those who followed Ron Paul into the GOP, than the GOP you claim to hate. You are working very hard to keep them in place in the name of principle. You can fool yourself and those like you, but you do not fool me at all.


...A dedicated compromiser and party-apparatchik speaks.

The message was already clear before you began your dogmatic-blather as was the big-picture as seen from the eyes of a principled man.

Thanks for the confirmation, though.

All you've shown me is

You're an arrogant boor.

Have a good posting day.

I don't get it.

If they don't want you, why do you want them? Why not just start your own party instead of trying to infiltrate one that clearly doesn't want you?

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

that's the method

they use to keep control.

libertarian, constitution, america's, and many other parties started in the R party and split.

it lets the steam off the pressure cooker.

the only thing in these regards that would work imo, is for all these smaller offshoot parties to rejoin the R and shove back against those who drove them out. Not let them win Again by forming Another 3rd party.

Think of the Party, R, GOP, as a TOOL, like a gun. Why walk away from the gun and let whoever just come and pick it up?

I hope this helps

The GOP is merely a tool that is in control of the Neos who have lied, cheated, stolen, purged, bluffed, frauded and killed to keep it so they remain in control. Why would we not fight to get that tool? Why would we let them keep it?

why not start your own party

because the majority of people in this country have been conditioned from a very young age that there are only two parties, that a third party is fringe and paranoid and possibly even dangerous, because as long as the corporate sponsors control the content and editorial slant of the evening news, they have the power to manipulate public opinion, because as long as the corporate sponsors control the narrative, a third party will continue to be effectively ostracized.


I would also like to add,

I would also like to add, that I've been a registered republican since 911, that there is a power struggle going on between republicans like me who oppose the neocon agenda, and those republicans who support it. We want to change the direction of the party, so there is a civil war going on in the party, it's fractured, and will continue to be an ineffective organization, and continue to lose elections as long as this fracture exists.



Wouldn't the neocons in the Republican Party just love it if Todd Welch and the rest of us took your advice?

Todd must be very effective

Todd must be a very true and effective leader if the state party is having their county minions do this kind of crap. I thought Reince Priebus said he needed us all to get along?!?

I keep waiting to see Rod

I keep waiting to see Rod Serling.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

OMG That is hilarious. They

OMG That is hilarious.
They actually sent an article to someone for being more Republican than they were?

Southern Agrarian

Well aint that american....

If you don't want to vote for who we tell you to vote for, then you don't get to vote.