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Sandy Hook Conspiracy is growing some legs!

People on the right, left, and apolitical are coming out all over the place, on facebook, at my wife's place of work(hair salon) and calling the official story bullshit..

I think this issue if pushed just right might be the issue that saves the US from tyranny.

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The whole incident stinks...

and does not make sense. This kid who was probably a whopping 135 pounds could not have managed alone to bring in all ammo necessary to kill all of these kids and teachers, not only that he was found with 2 pistols, and a bullet that would have been shot from a rifle to his head. The coroner has already said all these deaths were caused by multiple rifle wounds with a .223 caliber weapon, so I say WTF? This kid/young man who supposedly shot himself, and others didn't even have a rifle in his possession when he was found dead. This whole story stinks from start to finish and is total BULLSHIIIITE....in my opinion, not only that the facts are soooo off they are rediculous. What kind of parents would have to practice what they have to say about their child's death prior to an interview with the media?

The door? You want the door?... You can't handle the door!

You can't handle the door!

[Executive Disorder opens door...]

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Crazy you tubes

interesting town.

Hoax must be gaining acceptance since

Glenn Beck is sent in to debunk it.

Any way to verify Powers?

I stopped listening to this interview, when I could not find anything on Mike Powers to verify his story. I searched for in "Mike Powers" and "veteran" and "infantry" and "drill". I did get to discussion board where other people were attempting the same thing and coming up empty. Did any one else manage to verify who this guy is?


Accessing Mike Powers

I googled "Mike Powers"/investigator and accessed a number of radio interviews he has given in the past few days.

Try it: "Mike Powers"/investigator

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On CT State Police website

On CT State Police website they list the weapons used.

just a sec,

Seized inside the school:
#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber-- model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round magazine
#2. Glock 10 mm handgun
#3. Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun
Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:
#4. Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun (seized from car in parking lot)

NBC stated the rifle in the trunk of the car is still the assault rifle, bushmaster ar15, and there were 4 hand guns inside the school.

just a sec,

As you can see it is a shotgun shell popping out of it. Slow down the video.. Clear as a bell.

looking for video of nbc, just a sec
NBC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98TV7OFazFU

Also I include this below in CT, only because the real owner of this weapon is in jail and most likly will not ever get it back.

just a sec,

Now do also note CT police came up with this ar-15 above on the 20th which is prior to them announcing on the 27th there version of weapons used. It is the same type weapon, and model number, bet ya same serial as well on both these weapons I mentioned.

I also have a real problem with lawsuits, just a sec
CO theater shooting victims families started filing lawsuits within a week, but here 20 kids and NOT ONE single lawsuit filed out of 26 deaths, and what 40 days gone by, I am calling bull s...

I Don't Get Why...

...the video of police at the trunk of the car with the *shotgun*...it is clearly night time. I do not understand why the police were only dealing with the gun in the trunk hours and hours after the shooting. I think I remember a report that there was a gun in the trunk in the early part of the day. Why is the video of this supposed gun in the trunk filmed in the dark? My suspicion is that it's not video of the car at all...but, what do I know?

Good point - the trunk video is at night but the car being towed

is during daylight. EDIT: The yahoo picture says it was on 12/16 - did they leave the car in the parking lot for 2 days?

Picture of car on tow truck: http://news.yahoo.com/photos/car-driven-connecticut-school-s...

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The story about the ar-15 being in the car was from earlier in the day.

Jefferson's picture

There is

no question in my mind that was a 12 gauge. Just what type is the question.
Some have said it was a Benelli M2, but the stock doesn't match. I also understand that pistol grips are illegal to buy/possess in CT.

If you look in the VERY beginning of the video before it gets to :01 you'll see what looks to me like a stick magazine being removed from the shotgun. It happens super quick and is easy to miss. Also for a quick second you get to see the stock which looks @:14 like a Drugunov style stock.

This is what it looked like to me.

Here is the thread where the guy was explaining his shotty for sale.

Definitely NOT a Bushmaster .223

Missing From List

...the approx. 14 - 20 mags he would have required for all the ammo he supposedly used. Even law enforcement is too incompetent to follow the narrative already fed to the public. Geez.

Another Video

Connecticut Governor's odd wording.


listen to this


beyond reasonable doubt.

IF he used an AR 15, the sound alone of "hundreds of rounds" would have laid him out unconscious. Plus his weight and strength are not equivalent to the task.

IF he only used hand guns (which is now the current story) the number of rounds spent does not match the weapons used or the coroners public statement.


He Wore Ear Plugs


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Says "investigators" say he had earplugs .. I love it no names to confirm this .. All the news early in the day quoted "investigators" "law enforcement" which has been false so when they don't give names seems to be BS

Not Possible

...to fire so much .223 (unless using he@ring protection).

Right ... According to

Right ... According to several doctors, the shooter would have been severely disoriented or even unconscious due to the noise.

Dead men don't care about their hearing.

I really don't think the noise was his biggest concern. He could have blown out his ear drums and it wouldn't matter. He is dead.

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No shit

But he wasn't dead yet moron .. this little punk kid would of been on the ground screaming .. you try walking around with two blown drums


Maybe you misunderstand. If he was going to die anyway, he wouldn't be concerned about his hearing. The sound of the firearms could easily damage his ears, but it wouldn't "knock him on the ground" as others have said. And it's likely it wouldn't have caused the immediate damage enough that he couldn't continue walking around shooting, and then shoot himself. The idea that the sound would have blown his eardrums and made him unable to continue walking is pure conjecture. From my own experience, having been on the rifle range with 50 Marines firing m-16's at the same time, without having my ear plugs in, I highly doubt that the fire arms used, or reported to have been used, would have the kind of devastating affect you guys are talking about. I realize nobody is talking about m-16's, but I seriously doubt any fire arm the news reported would have been much louder. Nobody said the guy was using a 50 cal, or an Mk-19 grenade launcher, and even if he was, they would damage the ears, but still probably not knock him down unable to continue.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Indoor Range

Yeah i have shot many guns outdoors as well .. i have never fired 100's of rounds indoors in a confined space .. have u??


So I guess neither of us really know that he would or wouldn't have been knocked out, or unable to function due to the noise, do we.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Feed problems

You ever have feed problems when mags are full with 30rds in a 30 .. or do people only put 28rds in a 30?


We were taught not to fill it up full because it could cause issues, so we always filled our M-16's two rounds less than full. Someone who didn't know that could certainly make the mistake of filling the mag full, and then have issues, however, they could also fill it full and not have issues. It isn't 100% of the time that you'll have issues. I honestly wouldn't know how often we would have had issues with a full mag, because we just never filled them full.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).


made it through a full 30 without a hiccup, personally. not once.

Furthermore, the ME stated that he did 7 autopsies. The fewest hits totaled 3 and the most totaled 11. let's say only one was hit more than 3 times. That equals 6X3 = 18 rounds plus 11 = 29 rounds. He still had to kill 19 more people and injure 2 others.

Let's say 3 rounds for each of those victims and one for the injury.

19X3 = 57 + 2 = 59

59 rounds plus 29 rounds = 88 rounds.

Now then, that is 3 magazines. Maximum rate of aimed fire for the AR 15 is 45 rounds per minute, with 15 per minute being the max to avoid overheating.

So, if he shot for 2 minutes without missing he would have achieved the max aimed firing rate, and he would have done so with many moving targets in all directions.

This ignores the fact that he didn't fire with 100% accuracy, I feel pretty confident with that.

If he fired 15 rounds per minute, it would have taken him 6 minutes to hit 88 out of 90 shots, an amazing 98-99%, again with many moving targets.

911 calls say guns are being shot and within single digit minutes police were on the seen.

So let's say he had 10 minutes and he shot 45 rounds (max aimed) per minute. That's 450 rounds in 10 minutes. That means he would only have hit on 20% against many moving targets. Certainly a more believable ratio, but the 450 rounds is not.

Here is what 400 rounds in 4 minutes looks like.

The hand guard is on fire and the gas port is melted. It is simply not likely that this happened the way that we are being told.

I commend you ....

...on doing your research, and taking the time to do the math, however, all your math contradicts information that you got from where? Did the official police report come out and claim all these things that you are contradicting? Or are you simply contradicing statments and assumptions you heard from the news media.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

Medical examiner

claimed that .. But seems they release info, info gets called/proved BS, so better release other info .. process repeats until they think info good enough then maybe official story will come out ... or if no one says shit leave all BS out cuz no one cares

Ethier way no real prooff required, no pictures, nothing

Seems easy for them then


I have heard of police losing hearing firing form inside vehicle and i thought that is why agencys have requested suppresors.

I doubt he would of been knocked out, but then again i doubt he could of carryed all the weapons and ammo, never had a jam or problem, dropped mags before empty so he would never run out ... this takes training ... I also heard they investigated a few ranges around the house ... never heard or seen the Lanza's shooting