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Facebook post from a fellow member of "Right to resist unlawful arrest"

Scott Garner 3:22am Jan 23
Some small good news I thought I would share: spent the evening chatting with Sheriff's deputies in occupied Santa Clara County, CA. Now, these were all older guys (because I was helping a friend in small claims court, which is a pretty easy gig for them) and overheard them talking about guns. Got to chatting and, to my slight surprise, they were all pretty sound on the issue. To my immense surprise, though, while we were chatting, the supervisor (Sgt. mebbe) overheard me talking about past legal work in civil rights cases - he came over and lectured all the deputies on the importance of the 4th Amendment, and how over his career he had come to the conclusion that the trampling of the 2nd Amendment was the inevitable result of ignoring the whole Constitution when it came to criminal suspects and how he had come to believe over the course of his career that they - meaning law enforcement (how I loathe the term) - were responsible for the AWBs, because they had greased the skids on the slippery slope to "Constitutional Convenience"! Needless to say, I was floored hearing it come from him. (Got his info for my possible use in the future, though for obvious reasons I won't post it here.) It ain't much, but the small victories are worth something.

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