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"Shark-eyed" Teens: Insidious Threat or myth in the making?

Apr 11th in Featured & Modern Mysteries by Rob Morphy

It’s late, it’s dark and you’re in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps you’re walking down a lonely stretch of moonlit road, maybe you’re in a desolate parking lot trying to get your car started or perhaps you’re nestled in the warmth of your own home reading yourself to sleep; whatever the circumstance, you find yourself in an isolated locale when you’re suddenly startled by a sharp knock at the door or window. You look up from your steering wheel or cautiously pull back the curtain to see… wait for it… a pair of thin, trendily dressed, usually olive skinned teenagers.

Sounds pretty anti-climatic, right? But just wait; these aren’t your average, ordinary scallywags. These adolescents have something horribly wrong with them — something almost none of the witnesses notice at first glance — it’s their eyes. These “creatures” have no white corneas, no colorful irises, just a pair of big, black, shark-like eyes that inspire abject horror in all who have claimed to have seen them.

What’s worse is that these bizarre younglings aren’t content to scare you and continue on their merry way; no they are insistent that you help them. They stare through you with those dull ebony orbs and demand you let them in your car and give them a ride home or that they be allowed into your house to use your phone. The most horrifying aspect of all of this is that those who claim to have encountered these sinister kids swear that they’ve had to actively resist the temptation to do their bidding, as if their voices carried some sort of hypnotic influence.

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oh whewww...

I was gonna say this sounded just like my nephew and any number of his buddies when they neeeeeeed a ride to school, the store or the next town over to meet up with more just like them O.O Last time I fell for this hypnotic insistent behavior I wound up spending $280 bucks at best buy.

I'm so on to them now >= ]

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Neither Insidious Threat nor Myth

These are called circle lenses, an illegal large contact lens available by mail order from Canada, Korea, Malaysia, etc. They make irises look bigger as a fashion effect, something like anime eyes, and had their start in South Korea. They're illegal in the USA because they haven't been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, as they haven't been proven not to cause permanent eye damage from corneal ulcers.


Something not being approved

Something not being approved by the FDA is a plus in my book.

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Probably just some crackheads

Probably just some crackheads who got a hold of the wrong stuff...

Southern Agrarian


a leprechaun?

Idle liberty activitists do the devil's work or the moron's work

Uh oh. Idle liberty activitists do the devil's work ; or is it the moron's work? Geez, things are getting sad around here.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

It is easy to be a skeptic.

It requires no brains, talent or special skills. Perhaps that is why there are so many of them at the DAILY PAUL.