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Congressional candidate Keith Blandford needs support

We're still fighting for the Republican nomination here in South Carolina, but the going is getting tough. We have a great TV commercial - http://youtu.be/JDA2kUgNPwg - but very little money to run it.

For those of you who don't know Keith Blandford, here's a recent clip of him telling it like it is - http://youtu.be/Tp5emtLU8o4 - to the local chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

The fact of the matter is that Keith Blandford is the ONLY liberty candidate running for this office, and the ONLY candidate who stands up and says (as he did in the RLC meeting) that his policies are the policies of Ron Paul.

To date, Keith and those of us volunteering for the campaign have spent our own money on everything from the TV spot and website to the filing fee. We can't do this alone. If you can, please go to http://blandford2013.com and make a donation. If you can't, then please like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Blandford2013 to show your support.

Many thanks!

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Thanks for heads up.

Thanks for heads up.

Southern Agrarian